‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Spy Girls Figure Out ‘BB18’ Twist, Frank Believes He Is Safe Next Week, And Veto Ceremony Results [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease a big move could be played this week during the live eviction on Thursday’ eviction show. Spy Girls figured out the Big Brother twist this season. Frank Edy falsely believes that he is safe next week and doesn’t think he needs to “fight” for the Head of Household. The nominees for the week are set after the Power of Veto meeting. Frank continues to rub the houseguests the wrong way by his harsh sexual and degrading comments.

Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers teased that the Spy Girls alliance figured out there is two of everything in the house. They noticed there are two siblings of the vets, two female vets, two male vets, and two children of celebrities (not sure who these are) in the house right now. Joker Updates reports they found that realization interesting and kept talking about it over the course of the night. They kept looking for other “twos” in the house.

Online Big Brother reports Frank believes that he is safe this week. Somehow, he cannot see how much the house despises him, and he thinks he is running the show. Frank told Bridgette that he wants Da’Vonne to get out next but understands that she cannot be the one who nominates her. He wonders if he should try to win the Head of Household at the end of the week and cruise for another seven days. Frank really seems to believe that he is safe at least two more weeks even though the Big Brother house appears to be plotting his demise.

Early on Monday morning, Frank made a few sexual comments to Natalie in the kitchen. He told her that her “nipples looked like bologna slices.” She replied by calling him a “disgusting pig.” From there, the conversation went downhill when they argued about who was the disgusting one. It’s clear that even though the Big Brother house has pointed out Frank’s behavior is upsetting many people, he doesn’t care — he will continue to make sexual and degrading comments.

Big Brother live feed spoilers indicate that Corey and Nicole wonder if they should flip the vote this week to evict Bronte. Apparently, they don’t trust her and believe that she is the one making the decisions for the other side of the house. Also, they think that Tiffany will vote with them. If Tiffany does stay, it will cause an uproar with Frank. Let’s be honest: It would be kind of interesting to see. There are still three days until they decide who will go home, but it would make for some great drama if Tiffany stays.

Big Brother Network reports that Nicole, Corey, and Michelle talk about next week’s eviction plans. They are going to target Frank with Bridgette being the backup if he wins Power of Veto. If and when Bridgette learns of the plan and tells her sidekick Frank about it, expect fireworks inside the Big Brother house.

The Power of Veto ceremony was uneventful, and as expected, Bridgette left the nominations the same. Tiffany, Bronte, or Paul will be evicted on Big Brother on Thursday night’s show. Out of the three players on the chopping block, the only player who is completely safe from being sent out the door is Paul. No one wants to evict him right now.

There is still plenty of Big Brother 18 game to be played in the next few days, and it’s anyone’s guess right now who could be sent home on the live eviction episode. If the houseguests were smart, they’d keep Frank one more week so he doesn’t have the possibility of coming back in the house by winning the BattleBack competition.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will go home on Thursday night? Can Frank save himself from the chopping block for next week? Do you think the house will target Da’Vonne in the coming weeks?

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