Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Amp Up After Duchess Declines Wine For Toasts In Singapore

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have amped up again after the Duchess of Cambridge was seen snubbing an offer for wine during toasts in Singapore, opting for water instead.

Middleton re-ignited the rumors that have been swirling around the future king and queen since they were married last year, reports The Daily Beast. This time the Duchess of Cambridge was seen toasting at a state banquet in Singapore with water instead of wine.

Water is a highly unusual beverage for royals to use while making toasts, as they usually do so with a full glass of wine. But for a mother-to-be, avoiding alcohol is advised.

This latest speculation is just that — rumors started up because Middleton has been seen refusing alcohol during one dinner. But it does come on the heels of unconfirmed rumors that the royal couple is expecting a baby.

One source, who claimed to be inside the Royal circle, stated that Kate is definitely pregnant, but that the couple are waiting to announce the pregnancy for “as long as possible.”

Friends of the young royal couple have said that William and Kate have made it no secret that they want to have kids, and are actively trying for a baby.

E! Online notes that Kate Middleton was not the only royal who opted for water, as her husband, Prince William did the same, making it seem as if the jet-lagged couple may have simply preferred water that night.

While the rumors seem unconfirmed for now, Prince William was asked on the Singapore trip how many kids he wants to have. He didn’t hesitate before answering that he would like two.

Only time will tell if the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumor is actually true, but it seems that both Kate and William would like to have kids.