July 11, 2016
Taylor Swift Smitten By Tom Hiddleston's 'English Ways'

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have already taken things to another level, says E! Online. It seems like the pop star wants to marry Tom and thinks he would make a great dad. The publication has gone on to say that the singer is completely smitten by Tom and his "English ways."

"She has told me that she loves his accent and thinks he is so sexy," a source said to E! Online. "He acts very English. He is also a big tea drinker."

"This is the kind of a man she would want to marry," the source said. "She has said he would make a great dad. They have talked about what they want in the future and kids are something that they would both like down the line. They have very real and serious conversations about life."
What's more? The sources have gone on to say that Taylor absolutely loves traveling with Tom because he makes her feel really safe.

"They are the real deal," the source said. "They laugh and travel well together. These past few weeks, they have learned many things about each other... she is getting very attached."

And Taylor is getting a lot of attention from Tom -- more than any other man Taylor has been with. "Tom gives Tay more attention than any other man she has ever been with," the source added. "She likes his maturity. He...is a very romantic and charming gentleman."

Tom has also met Taylor Swift's squad and the news is that her friends can't seem to stop talking about him.

"All really like Tom and like how he treats Taylor," the sources have said. Although "things are moving fast between them," it's been said that Taylor Swift's friends aren't exactly worried "because they never have seen her this happy."

"Tay can't stop talking about Tom," the source told E! News Sunday. "It's an ongoing conversation with the girls on how happy she is. Tay has mentioned numerous times how 'in love' with each other they are."

The two are in Australia at the moment and take long walks together.

"They have been very kind to the staff at the hotel," a source told E! News. "It looked like they had a little down time together and have walked out together a few times since they have checked in. Tom is very active and wakes up early for workouts and runs on the beach."

Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris recently and soon after, Taylor and Tom were seen putting on a very public display of affection at a beach, the Inquisitr quoted the Sun as saying. The onlooker said: "They were all over each other – hugging and kissing – even though there were 20 people coming and going on the beach."

Several others who saw them confirmed that the two looked positively in love. "They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world."

There were rumors that the two were probably having an affair even before Taylor and Calvin broke up. "The timing of this looks very bad for Taylor. There was an obvious connection with Tom at the Met Gala – you can see that in the video of them dancing together."

However, everyone on Taylor Swift's side said the pair did not break up because of third party. "Her people are insistent that no one else was involved in the split with Calvin, which is most likely the case."

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[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]