Police repeatedly taser 76 year old man on a tractor at a town parade

Police in Glenrock, Wyoming tasered a 76 year old man who was on an antique tractor during a town parade at the time, because the tractor accidentally bumped their police car.

According to local media, Bud Grose was “tasered repeatedly” after his 1958 John Deere tractor accidentally bumped the police car in the parade August 1.

But here’s were it gets better: Grose wasn’t at the wheel of the tractor at the time of the accident. A 9 year old boy was steering with Grose operating the clutch and speed of the tractor.

When you repeatedly taser an elderly man in a town parade there is going to be witnesses though, and in this case it was most of Glenrock’s residents. In support of Grose, nearly the entire town turned out at a town meeting Monday night to call for the officers to be fired.

The officers are (naturally) claiming they did nothing wrong, however they have been placed on paid leave while an official investigation takes place.