October 24, 2017
Javi Marroquin Not Planning On Defending Kailyn Lowry As A Mother

Javi Marroquin is still serving overseas, but one can imagine that he's counting down the days until he gets to come home to Delaware. While Javi doesn't have his wife waiting for him anymore, he does have a son who is excited to see his father, and Javi also has a step-son who has been waiting for him to return. Marroquin told Kailyn Lowry over the phone that he was done with their marriage, and she may as well start the divorce proceedings so they could quickly get divorced when he returns home.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he has no plans to defend Lowry in random situations. It's no secret that Lowry has faced plenty of criticism over the way she's handled everything with Marroquin. On Teen Mom 2, Kailyn wasn't really there for Javi when he wanted to talk about his deployment. He just needed her to understand that he wasn't happy being away from the family, but Lowry said she wanted to hang up the phone. This was the beginning of the end. And since then, Lowry has been criticized for being a bad mother and a bad wife.

"You shouldn't allow ppl to talk abt the mom of ur child like that. Esp knowing what she's been thru. Defend her at least," one person wrote to Javi Marroquin, asking him to at least defend Lowry when she's been criticized, to which Javi replied, "there's not enough time nor do I have the energy. I will defend her to people that matter not randos."

It sounds like Marroquin has no plans of defending Lowry. Of course, Kailyn has said some things that are just mean or rude, so Javi may not feel the need to defend her. But Javi does think it's appropriate to defend her, if their close friends are questioning who she is as a person.

"Sorry I came off rude, but I never saw you defend her & it upset me. I understand why you don't waste your time w/ it though," the person wrote back to Javi Marroquin.

Of course, these days Marroquin is trying to make time fly by while still serving his time overseas. Javi hasn't revealed when he's returning home, but one can imagine there isn't a lot of time left. Just a few months ago, he said he was counting down the days. Plus, he has been gone for over six months, so he could return home very soon. But it sounds like Javi is making the best of his time away, as he's now coaching.

"Man, I fell in love with coaching out here. The amount of energy and effort my 6 o'clock class brings is unreal. Tonight really showed it," Javi Marroquin has tweeted on Twitter, adding previously, "Today really made me love life man. Had such an awesome time... I'm good."

Even though Javi is trying to stay busy overseas, Kailyn is making headlines back home due to her friendship with a girl named Rebecca Hayter. As it turns out, Kailyn has been flirting with her lesbian friend, and many people assume that she's now engaged in a romantic relationship with Hayter. And her tweets and retweets are not helping her situation.

"She's gonna steal my heart there's no doubt about it," Rebecca Hayter wrote on Twitter, and Kailyn retweeted it, according to Radar Online.

Hayter also wrote, "I want you to know, I really adore you," and "I should be your girlfriend," according to Radar Online.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's tweets about not defending Lowry? Do you think these two could move forward with the divorce once he returns home?

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]