One Direction Fans Send ‘History’ Back To The Top Of Charts

Never underestimate the power of One Direction fans. For the past six years, One Direction has dominated the world of pop music. After five huge-selling albums and hundreds of music industry awards, One Direction may be on hiatus at present, but it seems that One Direction fans never rest. With a fan base numbering countless millions across the world, One Direction is arguably the first band to really embrace the social media revolution.

The ability to organise themselves across the world allows One Direction fans to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to news about their favorite band, but the power of the One Direction fandom stretches much further than you might imagine.

In recent weeks One Direction fans have been organizing on Twitter and in the dark recesses of Tumblr to organize One Direction Day 2016. Under the leadership of the team who organized “Project No Control” in 2015 July 2nd was declared 1D Day 2016. A series of meet-ups were organized in cities around the world. Fans were encouraged to meet up to celebrate their love of One Direction and to promote Made In The A.M., the band’s most recent album.

It would seem that the event was a success because One Direction are once again sitting pretty at the top of Billboard’s “Twitter Top Tracks” chart. Billboard report that One Direction’s “History” jumped an enormous 42 places to top the chart of the most shared and mentioned songs on social media platform Twitter over a seven-day period. One Direction’s 42-place leap in the chart is the third highest in the history of this chart.

Ed Sheeran, a good friend of One Direction’s Harry Styles, holds the record having leapt from No. 45 to No. 1 with his track “Thinking Out Loud.”

It is perhaps unsurprising that “History” has helped to extend One Direction’s record-breaking domination of this chart. It is the seventh time that One Direction have topped this chart, the most by any act. It is clear that even with One Direction on hiatus the fans have lost none of their enthusiasm for the group.

One Direction’s official Twitter account posted a clip of “History” on July 1st as a celebration of their winning Best Live Act at this year’s Silver Clef awards something that doubtless increased internet chatter about the track.

One Direction fans will be aware that Niall Horan is mad keen on sport and he was spotted at the Wimbledon tennis championships last week. According to the Telegraph, members of One Direction were partying the night away in London hot spot Drama with Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray. It seems that Murray put a large sum of money behind the bar to pay for revellers’ drinks, and they partied until dawn. There is no clear indication as to which One Direction members were present, but Horan must be the prime suspect.

In other One Direction news, fans were more than a little excited to see claims emerge that Louis Tomlinson has visited Harry Styles on the set of Harry’s movie, Dunkirk. Admittedly, a photograph that has emerged is not of great quality, but Unreality TV report that One Direction fans are “freaking out” over the pictures.

Anyone who does not follow One Direction closely may wonder what all the fuss is about. For the past nine months, One Direction fans have been bombarded with claims that Louis and Harry are not even on speaking terms. Harry has not been seen hanging out with any of the One Direction boys since the hiatus began, so if Louis did indeed visit Harry, it is huge news for fans.

One Direction fans have alway believed that One Direction are a “band of brothers” and claims about tensions within the band raise concerns that the current hiatus could turn into a permanent split. No One Direction fan likes to believe that Louis and Harry have had a fall-out, so this could be great news.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]