Rihanna Jealous As Drake Invites Hailey Baldwin To Music Studio — Has “One Dance” Rapper Dumped RiRi?

Rihanna is beyond jealous after hearing about Drake’s recent get-together with Hailey Baldwin, the same model he was supposed to have dated two months ago.

Drake and Hailey made headlines when the twosome decided to eat at a public restaurant in West Hollywood last month. Sources at the time claimed that the duo had been hanging out prior to their outing, giving the impression that the two were definitely hooking up.

Weeks later, however, a new report claimed that Drake and Baldwin called it quits, stating that the couple was better off as friends, giving the Canadian rapper the perfect opportunity to reconcile with on-again, off again girlfriend, Rihanna.

From what fans have gathered, Rihanna and Drake have a friends with benefits relationship going on. They hook up every now and then with no actual exclusivity tied to one another, meaning that if they choose to date other people, neither of them could get mad about it.

Yet, according to Life & Style, Hailey Baldwin has been showing up to Drake’s studio quite a lot as of late, and sources allege that Rihanna is anything but amused by the model’s closeness with the “Started From the Bottom” artist.

“Drake has been inviting Hailey to hang with him in the music studio, and Rihanna is furious. She’s jealous and doesn’t want him dating,” a source shared.

According to the outlet, Rihanna “won’t even talk to people who have been hanging out with Drake and Hailey together,” giving off the impression that she’s fuming over the idea that Drake might have reconciled with Hailey behind her back.

It’s quite puzzling for fans to comprehend Rihanna’s anger towards Drake since he has supposedly made it very clear in the past that he doesn’t see himself settling down anytime soon.

On May 18, Hollywood Life revealed that Drake likes having fun with Rihanna, but that doesn’t mean he wants to claim her as his girlfriend — he’s far from that type of person.

“Drake is adamant he’s not dating Rihanna. Drake loves her dearly but they have an understanding that they’re friends with benefits with no strings attached. It works better that way. They tried the whole monogamy thing but it didn’t work.”

Drake and Rihanna’s relationship drama comes just weeks after reports claimed the Bajan-singer was struggling to sell tickets for her ANTI world tour, reportedly performing to an empty crowd when she took to the stage at the Wembley arena last month, according to DailyMail.

Her alleged struggle to sell tickets for her tour also comes just months after it was revealed that Rihanna’s latest album, ANTI, has become her worst-selling record to date, excluding the 1 million copies purchased via Samsung.

Things aren’t looking too good for Rihanna, and with Drake having ditched her for Hailey Baldwin, how is she going to move forward with so much devastation coming her way? While many would consider RiRi’s newest album and tour a commercial flop, the 28-year-old bagged a $25 million just to have Samsung feature their products as part of the record’s promotional campaign.

Financially, Rihanna did rather well this year, but as far as her love life and album sales are concerned, those could do with some improvements.

[Photo by Kevin Winter and Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images]