How Kim Kardashian’s Awful Marriage With Kanye West Is Leading ‘KUWTK’ Couple To Divorce — Revealed!

Kim Kardashian has complained to her closest friends that her marriage and sex life with Kanye West is officially dead, it has been alleged.

The reality star has done nothing but moan about how awful sex with her husband has been in recent months. According to a new report, Kim thinks that Kanye doesn’t show her the same affection he used to, way before the couple decided to settle down and have children.

Everything has changed as far as their sex life is concerned. It is boring, to say the least, a source reveals. In fact, things have gotten so bad that Kim Kardashian is starting to believe Kanye is no longer in love with her — that’s the only way she can explain why the rapper has been so awful in bed lately.

“Kim tells her sisters that her sex life is going to sh*t and that Kanye never makes her feel sexy anymore,” an insider revealed to Radar Online. “Kim needs constant validation of how beautiful she is and Kanye does tell her that. But when it comes to showing it to her by giving her affection, he really sucks.”

Kim Kardashian and her husband have been feuding for the past couple of weeks over the simplest things, such as their living arrangements. Sources allege that the pointless arguments are early signs that the marriage is beginning to collapse.

Neither of the two seem happy to be together anymore. Welcoming a second child into the world back in December has really weighed hard on their marriage. The couple no longer has time for themselves, and with West planning to go on his North American tour next month, Kim will, once again, be all by herself, feeling even more secluded than before.

An insider added, “And Kanye even gives Kim everything that she wants, EXCEPT when they are in the bedroom!” giving the impression that the “Famous” rapper hasn’t shown Kim the same kind of affection that the socialite was once used to.

“Kanye blames the kids and work for causing him to not want to have sex, but Kim is starting to get real sick of his stupid excuses. She wants a husband who gives it to her on a regular basis.”

News regarding Kim Kardashian’s awful sex life with Kanye West comes just weeks after reports alleged the couple were secretly discussing how they would share their assets if they were to get a divorce later on in life.

With the supposed fact that Kim and Kanye have already made plans to put a divorce settlement in place, there are clear signs showing that the couple might actually decide to call it quits before the end of the year. Kanye going on tour next month will be the ultimate test for Kim on whether she’ll even want to be with the rapper once the concert concludes.

Kim Kardashian has often stressed that she’s a hopeless romantic, and if she’s not happy in a relationship, she’d rather end it than attempt to give it a shot with someone she doesn’t seem to have feelings for anymore. Could potentially be the case for Kim and Kanye? Has their affection for one another died out?

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