‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Downfall Of Julexis Has Fans In An Uproar, Will There Be A Shocking Twist After All?

It has finally happened. General Hospital has totally broken anything that may have been left between Julian and Alexis, and fans are not happy about it. The ABC drama has not only split up one of the most loved couples in daytime history, but the writers seemed to have gone totally berserk with this particular story line.

General Hospital fans needed the weekend to process what just happened between the couple that they call Julexis. Much to the dismay of viewers, it looks like there is no turning back for Alexis and Julian now that there has been so much betrayal and violence involved. As Michael Fairman of On Air On Soaps has posted, Julian went crazy on Friday’s episode after he found the wire that his wife was wearing to get his confession. What occurred after that has everyone in shock.

The mobster grabbed Alexis and took her to the docks with the intent to kill her with the dagger. She was begging for her life, but Julian had already gone into his dark place. He was going to end her life for betraying him, but then Sonny Corinthos showed up to save the day. As the two men were struggling for the gun, Alexis ended up stabbing her husband in the back with the dagger. However, Sonny took the blame for stabbing him.

Julian is apparently going to survive this ordeal. He is lying in a hospital bed with the dagger still in his back. He did regain consciousness long enough to whisper that he is not done with Alexis yet. It should be interesting to find out just what that means.

Alexis was in shock after what happened, and so were fans who watched this all unfold on Friday’s General Hospital. What was once a love story such a short time ago has now turned into total chaos, and this whole thing has angered most Julexis fans.

They have taken to social media to display their disappointment and anger in having their favorite couple smashed to pieces. Some have said that they are not planning on watching the show until something is done about it.

“Not tuning in to @GeneralHospital until you give us back our real #Julexis and stop w/this agenda written story. #GH.”

Has General Hospital really lost its faithful viewers over this? It sure looks like most of them are very disturbed by what they have been witnessing these past few weeks and now it seems like there is no hope whatsoever for Julian and Alexis. Why would the writers bring their love story to the forefront only to tear them apart so violently? Is there more to this story than meets the eye? Many are hoping that something can be done to fix it very soon.

“@GeneralHospital Instead of insulting viewers who remember the REAL #Julexis with these twisted promos, how about fixing this mess?!? #GH.”

It could very well be too late to repair this General Hospital couple. Too much has happened, according to Soap Hub. They go into detail as to why Alexis and Julian can never get back together after this. They say that too much has happened between them. Do you agree?

It’s a given that most soap couples don’t stay together forever and that is hard on devoted fans who invest in them, but when a relationship ends up so badly distorted so quickly, it can get fans in an uproar. However, you do have to admit that these scenes between General Hospital actors, William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn, have been amazing. Nancy has been playing the role of Alexis Davis for many years, and this storyline has given her the ability to go way beyond her lawyer persona. Plus she has amazing chemistry with her on-screen husband, despite the fact that he chose the mob over her.

The mob has always been front and center on the ABC daytime drama. There have been gunfights, explosions, and many other mob-related scenes over the years but when Julian held a dagger to Alexis’ throat, it seemed to be the last straw for viewers.

Will General Hospital eventually have a twist after all of this craziness? The writers may just have something up their sleeves that will explain all that has happened and give Julexis fans what they want.

Do you think there is any hope of Julian and Alexis getting back to the way they were?

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