‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Calafiore Has An Eviction Plan For ‘BB18’ House, Exotic Girls Dance, Bridgette And Frank Get Close

Big Brother 18 spoilers from early Monday morning (July 11) present a new plan for the BB18 house that comes from Paulie Calafiore. Chatting first with Zakiyah Everette (his showmance in the game) and then with several other houseguests, Paulie, as reported by Joker’s Updates, laid out who the next three eviction targets should be this summer. In order, Paulie wants Tiffany Rousso, Frank Eudy, and Bridgette Dunning sent packing. Tiffany would be the easy target this week if Head of Household Bridgette decides to keep the nominations the same.

A lot could change in the BB18 house following the Veto ceremony on Monday, July 11, but there are still three nominees for eviction that are stressing about the upcoming vote. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bridgette Dunning won the Week 3 Veto competition, keeping the nomination power in her hands. This is the second straight week that the HOH has also won the Veto, as Paulie Calafiore also won it last week. Paulie used the Veto to save Paul Abrahamian and backdoor Victor Arroyo, but will Bridgette even entertain the thought of using the Veto?

To this point, the Big Brother 18 spoilers have also included the Roadkill competition and HOH nominations, but those components of the show were revealed on the July 10 episode. Tiffany Rousso, Paul Abrahamian, and Bronte D’Acquisto remain on the block. Tiffany and Paul were the nominees who Bridgette went with, while Frank Eudy nominated Bronte after winning the Roadkill challenge. Now the BB18 house is on edge as Bridgette is faced with some difficult choices as the Veto ceremony approaches.

Category 4 is safe during Week 3, so Bridgette cannot use Frank, Paulie, or Michelle Meyer as a replacement nominee on Monday. That leaves James Huling, Natalie Negrotti, Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, Nicole Franzel, and Corey Brooks as the possible nominees. Bridgette doesn’t have anything against those six houseguests, so unless something changes early on Monday, it suggests that the Veto is about to go unused.

Many previous Big Brother 18 spoilers have pointed to Tiffany Rousso, Frank Eudy, and Jozea Flores as the three houseguests with the most “enemies” in the BB18 house. Jozea got evicted and Frank is safe this week, leaving Tiffany in an unenviable position as the main target. This is a situation where Tiffany needs to be working hard with Bridgette to get her to use the Veto, but it’s clear that Vanessa Rousso’s sister doesn’t understand how close she is to meeting Julie Chen in person.

Some amusing moments took place late Sunday evening (July 10) and even made the broadcast for Big Brother After Dark. Zakiyah Everette choreographed a dance with four of the women in the BB18 house, teaching them moves in order to put on a performance. Nicole Franzel, Michelle Meyer, Bronte D’Acquisto, and Natalie Negrotti took part in the dance practice. The ladies would end up performing for the guys a bit later, calling their group the Exotic Four. After practicing a bit, Michelle bowed out of the final performance, obviously affected by the alcohol production had provided.

The guys also put together a performance, as they too decided to participate in the shenanigans. They decide upon the name “Makeshift” for their group, and then provided producers with quite a bit of footage for upcoming episodes of Big Brother 18. Much of it may not make it past the live feeds or Big Brother After Dark, though, due to the nature of some of the dances. It certainly provided a great way for most of the cast to work off some energy, especially with a chaotic Veto ceremony possibly coming up.

The dancing didn’t stop the in-house discussions, as Corey Brooks doesn’t really understand why so many people want to evict Tiffany on Thursday. He wants to keep Tiffany in the house to protect the numbers that the Eight Pack alliance has, with a report on Joker’s Updates stating that the target should be moved to Bronte. Meanwhile, Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning were in the HOH room, concocting a plan to make it to the Final 2 this summer. Bridgette has again fallen under his spell, unaware that Frank is campaigning against her each time she is out of hearing range.

If Frank remains attached to Bridgette’s hip for the next 12 hours, then the Veto ceremony will likely be very uneventful. Bridgette and Frank are rumored to be in a showmance, which could evolve further if it doesn’t blow up soon. What it all means that Bronte D’Acquisto, Tiffany Rousso, and Paul Abrahamian will remain on the block for the July 14 eviction ceremony. If Bridgette does decide to make a bold move, though, there could be a lot of additional Big Brother 18 spoilers to come out this week. As it currently stands, Tiffany is slated to be next houseguest to leave BB18.

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