Nick Jonas Makes The Most Of Unscheduled Tour Bus Stop; Why He Was Almost Rejected For 'Kingdom'

Nick Jonas has paid tribute to the victims of Orlando's Pulse Nightclub shooting while performing at Florida City's Amway Center as a part of the Future Now Tour. The 23-year-old singer and songwriter will be seen performing with Demi Lovato as a part of the tour that started on June 29 in Atlanta, and which will end on September 17 in Inglewood, California. According to Rolling Stone, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato invited the employees of the Pulse Nightclub to be their special guests.

Prior to the beginning of Nick Jonas's concert, a man named Hank came up on stage to pray for the victims and to officially dedicate that night's concert to the city of Orlando, which has stood witness to two of the deadliest mass shootings in American history. The sensational duo was then joined by Andra Day to deliver a power rendition of her "Rise Up," an inspirational song that aimed to cheer and inspire those affected by the tragic shooting. All three singers gave an emotional performance while the names of the victims were being projected on the large screen behind them.Nick Jonas has always toured with a cheerful attitude and he makes sure that he always has a special treat for his fans. According to People magazine, when his tour bus was pulled over for a traffic stop during the first leg of the tour in Atlanta, Nick Jonas took the hurdle in his stride without getting stressed.

Instead of acting like a diva, he took the opportunity to buy sweet treats for his fans from the local CVS pharmacy when the bus made a quick stop on its way to the city. Later, Nick and Demi served sweets to their fans when they reached Atlanta.

The most important thing for Nick Jonas is to take the show on the road and make his fans happy. And even though fans have been delighted with good music, free ice creams and a new song from Demi Lovato, there is one thing which is being missed by them. Fans have enjoyed listening to all the hit tracks by the singers except for "Avalanche," a tearful duet by Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato that was performed and released in 2014. According to Fuse, fans are also expecting the duo to perform a track called "Don't Forget," which they worked together on in 2008.

Nick Jonas might have cultivated a huge fan following due to his music, however, he has also garnered an impressive following due to his acting skills. As it turns out, one of his biggest fans is Frank Grillo, the actor who portrayed Nick Jonas's father in the mixed martial-based television series Kingdom. Frank admits to having been charmed by Nick's acting skills, but the actor was not impressed by the pop star's music. Given the chemistry between the two actors on-screen, it comes as some surprise that Frank Grillo was against the casting for Nick Jonas when the singer was scheduled to appear for the screen test. In fact, Frank was not even in favor of testing Nick Jonas's acting skills when the producers were screening actors for the role because Frank had too many things at stake and he thought that the "Jealous" singer wouldn't do justice to the role.

Frank admitted that he was on a lookout to hire a tough guy to play his on-screen son, and he was not convinced that Nick Jonas would fit in as a mixed martial arts champion. However, Nick Jonas's performance at the audition impressed Frank and he changed his mind, agreeing to hire him for the role. Apart from his acting and singing skills, it is Nick Jonas's ability to work hard and strike a balance between his various professional commitments that makes him such a great artist. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Frank commended Nick Jonas for his diligence and professional attitude at work.
"He's a young guy and he works hard. He's professional, he's a sweetheart; he's trying to juggle this amazing career. He's great."
[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]