Jennifer Garner Pours Herself Into Charity To Take Her Mind Off Marriage Problems

Jennifer Garner now seems to be happier than ever after her separation from her husband Ben Affleck. However, the 44-year-old actress and film producer admitted that life has been stressful after getting out of Ben Affleck’s shadow. The Huffington Post reports that the actress was not able to have good night’s sleep due to the stressful situation, and it took the hilarious work of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to get her back in the groove.

Since then, Jennifer Garner has remained active by promoting her film Miracles from Heaven, featuring on the cover of Vanity Fair and becoming a role model for people who were struggling after a breakup or divorce. The Dallas Buyers Club actress has delivered a strong performance in Miracles from Heaven which exceeded all expectations at the box office. And even though she walked alone on the red carpet at the 2016 Academy Awards, Jennifer Garner stole the show by wearing a floor-length black gown. In fact, many commentators agree that she was one of the best-dressed celebrities at the ceremony.

Recently, Jennifer Garner attended the Paris Fashion Show where she had the honor of sitting in the first row along with Bradley Cooper and Naomi Campbell. According to Page Six, Jennifer graced the occasion in an Atelier Versace silk dress with blue inserts and a high slit.

Despite her busy schedule and her recent personal turmoil, Jennifer Garner has also dedicated herself to helping the families that have been affected by the West Virginia floods. According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the Valentine’s Day actress is a trustee on the board of Save the Children USA, a non-government organization that promotes children’s rights, education, and health.

The organization has gone to great efforts to help more than 2,000 children in the flood-ravaged areas of West Virginia. Jennifer Garner, a native of West Virginia herself, is taking relentless action towards helping families and the community at large meet their immediate needs.

Despite their separation, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are still maintaining an amicable relationship with each other. The two only made the decision to separate after much thought and deliberation, and in they end they parted ways on amicable terms if only to allow them to continue to effectively co-parent their children. And even though their divorce papers ae still yet to be filed, the celebrity couple is still enjoying family outings together. In fact, it has been reported that Jennifer Garner and her ex-partner still stay in their Los Angeles home when they both need to be in the area to fulfill their professional commitments.

Despite making the tough decision to separate pending divorce, Jennifer and Ben have continued to travel together as a family on multiple occasions. People magazine reported that the pair traveled to Europe along with their kids during the filming of Justice League.

More recently, the two celebrated the Independence Day celebrations along with their children Violet, Siraphena, and Samuel.

It has been reported that Jennifer Garner and her soon-to-be ex-spouse have made the mature decision to put their children before their relationship problems. However, even though Ben Affleck does not want a divorce, the chances of the couple reconciling their differences are slim at best, as Jennifer Garner remains adamant that she is still seeking a divorce officially.

The actress had earlier confirmed rumors that her actor husband was involved with the family’s nanny. However, it seems that the actress is putting her children before her husband, who is being blamed for causing their marriage to fail. It would have been easy for Jennifer Garner to worsen her feud by attacking her husband publicly, however, she has publicly said that she does not blame Ben Affleck for letting her down and wishes to spare him from public shame. According to the Huffington Post, Jennifer Garner urged fans to avoid blaming her husband as she knew what went wrong in their relationship.

“No one needs to hate him for me. I don’t hate him. Certainly, we don’t have to beat the guy up. Don’t worry – my eyes were wide open during the marriage.”

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