July 11, 2016
Reza Farahan Reacts To Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi's Claim He Has A Cheating Sex Tape

Is there really a sex tape out there showing Shahs of Sunset's Reza Farahan cheating on Adam Neely? That's what Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi claimed to Mercedes "MJ" Javid as the two were in the car on the way back to the resort during the group's Belize vacation. MJ made clear that she didn't believe GG's claim. As the episode aired on Sunday night, MJ revealed that she still doesn't believe GG. Reza, meanwhile, indicated that GG, as MJ says, really is just lying about him having made a sex tape.

On Twitter, MJ laughed off GG's claim that Reza made a sex tape with a guy who goes to the same gym as him. MJ, joking that having having sex tapes is something that she does, told Reza to not steal her thunder. Reza re-tweeted MJ's tweet.

MJ isn't only bothered by GG's claim about Reza having a sex tape. MJ also tweeted a direct message to GG asking her to acknowledge the lies she says about her life. MJ added that it's sad to be close to someone so "toxic." Clearly MJ, like Reza, believes that GG is lying about the extent of her rheumatoid arthritis. Reza also re-tweeted this tweet.
On the latest Shahs of Sunset episode, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, while in the car with Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, read a text message from Reza Farahan stating that he's done with GG. Reza and GG previously got into a huge argument during the group's visit to an ancient Mayan ruin, so not surprisingly, GG wasn't concerned about losing Reza's friendship.

"F**k him," she replied to MJ's statement.

GG, slurring her words, then dropped the bombshell that she knows that Reza made a sex tape with another man during his relationship with now-husband Adam.

"I know this guy at the gym he goes to. He has a video of Reza and him f**king. There's an actual date. So if I fake stories, lets see how fake they are and how far that will go with my fake-ness."
As the car approached the group's resort, GG asked MJ if she was going to run to Reza and blab on her. MJ replied that she wasn't and that GG can tell him what she knows herself.

In her confessional interview, MJ said that GG was just making it up. MJ explained that GG claiming that she knows that Reza has a cheating sex tape is typical of her retaliatory behavior. MJ was convinced that GG would be able to come up with proof.

"I don't need to go and tell Reza anything because it's crap. This is the Golnesa handbook. It's remedial Golnesa. I'm just gonna pretend I have something on you. She definitely does not have a f**king video of anything."
Earlier in the day, Reza and GG got into a big argument during the group's trek to an ancient Mayan ruin. Reza continued accusing GG of lying about the seriousness of her rheumatoid arthritis and needing chemotherapy for it. GG criticized Reza for concentrating so much on her illness. She accused him of paying so much attention to what's going on with her because he's not relevant himself.
On Instagram, GG posted a message about not getting mad when people are in her business since that just means that their own lives are so dull that they find hers more interesting.

Yet, according to Reza, it's GG who's not relevant. In response to someone who expressed incredulity that GG got mad at Reza for having an opinion of her illness when she made the illness her major story line, Reza said that the illness is GG's only story line for the past five years.

According to Reza, viewers will see much more craziness come from GG as the season progresses. He tweeted that GG gets "much worse."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reza, in a previous Instagram post, called GG the show's "resident sociopath," and apologized to the show's viewers for her lies.

Considering how much Reza Farahan and Golnea "GG" Gharachedaghi clashed over the season, it's likely that viewers will see them very heated with one another at the upcoming Shahs of Sunset Season 5 reunion show. In an Instagram post, Reza called the reunion filming, which took place a week ago, "crazy."

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