Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly Rule Ratings While Anderson Cooper Shows Major Promise On CNN

This week, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly had their best ratings week in a long time. When averaging numbers for the week at Showbuzz Daily, O’Reilly averaged 4 million viewers a night and Megyn Kelly averaged 3.4 million. Nobody at Fox News or any other cable news network came close to matching their ratings.

Bill O’Reilly’s biggest night was Thursday, with 4.2 million viewers, and his lowest, Tuesday night, attracted 3.9 million. His “lowest” nightly figure this week, however, is higher than his usual “highest.” There is no doubt that the upcoming presidential election and events regarding police brutality this week played a role in his ratings.

Bill O'Reillyl Hillary
One of Bill O’Reilly’s most talked-about segments happened on Tuesday night after the FBI decided not to indict Hillary Clinton on improper use of her email system.

“Earlier today, FBI Director James Comey issued a long statement about the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email and national security,” he said, right before playing a video of Comey claiming he could not find a case supporting criminal prosecution against Clinton that is based on the facts the FBI has gathered.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Comey said that Hillary acted very carelessly with her email server but didn’t act with any malicious intent to obstruct justice. Bill O’Reilly believes that Comey was clear in his motivation statement but that he completely downplayed the negligence aspect of the case. He believes Hillary didn’t have to show malicious intent; the actual law doesn’t require that she does. He noted that the FBI gave out a similar ruling to a similar case in 1986.

“Comey has legal history on his side, but that will not allay suspicions that the case was decided on politics,” the Fox News host continued, before noting that Comey scolded Hillary Clinton in a way that has rarely been seen.

Megyn Kelly dealt with the Clinton email scandal as well this week. Her biggest night of the week was Tuesday with 3.4 million viewers and her lowest night, Thursday, attracted 3.6 million. Kelly’s most talked about show was Friday, which came one night after five Dallas police officers were murdered by a sniper.

Megyn Kelly Dallas
With a frown on her face, Kelly reminded viewers that if they tuned into her show the night before, they witnessed one of the most vicious attacks against police officers in history. After she replayed the scene from the night before, Kelly interviewed Patrick Cooper, a person who was near the shooter and filmed the scene as the shots rang out. Kelly asked Cooper what his first reaction was.

“At first I didn’t know what to think. I thought this was fireworks or firecrackers going off. Everything just happened all at once and my emotions…I couldn’t even think straight,” Cooper indicated, before telling Megyn Kelly he thought he was going to die in the building [El Centro College].

Perhaps the scariest part for Cooper is that when he got out, he had rifles pointing to his head since he could have been a suspect (he was located very close to the shooter). Megyn Kelly flinched as he talked about doing exactly as the officers told him to do in order to make sure he lived.

Besides Megyn Kelly, Anderson Cooper talked about the police shootings as well on his show Anderson Cooper 360. Even though Cooper’s average of 1.7 million viewers this week trails that of O’Reilly and Kelly, his numbers have greatly improved, and his show has greatly benefited CNN. After the events with protesters and police all over the nation this past weekend, many will certainly tune into Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Anderson Cooper’s show to see what they have to say in the upcoming week.

[Photo by Paul Morigi/AP Images and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]