‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Sizzling Summer Storylines Heat Up For Cast [Video]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of July 11 through 15 tease that sizzling summer storylines are heating up a number of the characters in the cast.

Last week, Katie’s worst nightmare came true when she learned about Bill and Brooke’s “arrangement.” Bill went ballistic on Liam for pushing Brooke to be upfront with his wife over her involvement with him. Since Bill warned Liam that he could lose his position at Spencer Publications if he continued to pursue Steffy while married to Wyatt, Liam was not so willing to be any kind of ally for his father when he found out he was fooling around with Brooke. Why should he listen to his father’s advice when his own marriage was in serious trouble?

According to She Knows, Liam boldly goes after Steffy this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers reveal that Wyatt is “shocked by Liam’s declaration,” which means his brother is not in favor of respecting his marriage to Steffy.

Katie usually threatens to take Will away from her husband, but it will be the other way around this week. On last Friday’s episode, Katie was devastated over Brooke’s admission that she was seeing Bill behind her back. In the video below, Katie’s unleashes her fury at Bill, who then takes Will away from her. It is safe to say things will get downright ugly between Katie and Bill. The last time they split, it was turbulent. There is no telling how dirty it is going to get this time!

Deacon reappears on the canvas this week. He surprises Quinn, who is in a heated tryst with Eric. What will Deacon bring to the storyline this week? He loves Quinn and is always helping her out — reluctant as he might be. He will certainly be shocked to find out she is bedding the Forrester patriarch.

As a preview shows below for the July 11 episode, Quinn shows up at Eric’s office in a trench coat. Eric is aware that she could spell trouble for him the longer he plays with danger. How long will their steamy encounters last before it gets dicey?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also leak that Rick will “gloat about Ridge’s revelation and plans to oust him from Forrester Creations.” Does this mean Rick wants to use the fact that Ridge is not Douglas’ biological father to remove him from the company? Whatever happens, it gives Ridge something to worry about when it comes to his future at Forrester.

In the meantime, Steffy, Rick, and Thomas all want the CEO position at Forrester. By the end of the week, Eric will once again decide who will run the fashion house.

Other spoilers tease that “Eric will share a special moment with Steffy.” Will this have anything to do with the CEO position or her plight with Liam and Wyatt? Steffy is struggling desperately to accept her marriage to Wyatt, but knows in her heart of hearts that Liam is the one she belongs with. She has not reached that pivotal point yet in which she is honest with herself and Wyatt, but Liam is bent on being persistent to make her see how wrong the marriage is and that she should be with him.

Bill wants Liam and Wyatt to join him at the Spencer Summit to be held in Monte Carlo. Bill’s invite will happen on Friday, which means whatever discord there is between he and Liam will be put to rest — at least momentarily.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs in the afternoons Monday through Friday on CBS. Check local listings for time.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]