July 10, 2016
'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Lyfe Jennings Sets The Record Straight On Karlie Redd

Last week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lyfe Jennings finally made an appearance. After weeks of watching Karlie Redd romance other cast members while talking about the nearly non-existent relationship with Lyfe, the singer finally showed up. To make the moment even more shocking, after grilling Karlie about her dealings with the now-incarcerated Scrapp DeLeon, Lyfe Jennings pulled out a ring and proposed to Karlie.

It didn't take long for Karlie and Lyfe's romance to completely fizzle out. Just weeks before his appearance on the VH1 hit reality show, Lyfe Jennings was a guest on Situations with Wanda Smith on V-103 Atlanta. Wanda called the segment, "When Lyfe comes full circle" and she asked him about Karlie Redd and his small appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Keep in mind that this Lyfe Jennings interview happened after he watched Karlie Redd chase Scrapp DeLeon on Season 5 of LHHATL. Even though Jenning proposed in the most recent episode of the show, it looks like the love is lost now.

To be fair, when Lyfe finally did appear on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta after Karlie Redd had talked about being in a relationship with him for weeks, it was only after Karlie explained that she and Lyfe had a bit of an arrangement. In prior episodes, when asked about Lyfe Jennings, Karlie said he often didn't call her and was on tour doing his own thing.

In his interview, Lyfe Jennings talked about how he didn't even know that Karlie Redd had been hooking up with Scrapp DeLeon. Lyfe said he found out about her little fling with the LHHATL newcomer by watching the show himself.

Jennings also revealed something that fans of the hit VH1 reality show already knew: Karlie Redd is messy. He complained that every time Karlie did call, it was all about gossip. Lyfe complained that Karlie always knew what everyone else was up to and happily shared that information with him. It might make one think that Lyfe wasn't paying attention to the show at all prior to hooking up with Karlie. Being messy is exactly what she's known for.

Then Lyfe Jennings got a little deeper when he spoke about whether or not he wanted to move his relationship with Karlie Redd to the next level. He wondered if she was a good role model and if she was someone he wanted to introduce to his children. Considering that he called things off with the reality star, the answer must have been no.

During the interview, Lyfe Jennings also revealed that he would be at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show that was recently taped. He did let fans know that he accepted, but that he passed when producers asked him if he would like to sit next to Karlie.

As for being married, Lyfe Jennings said that the rumors were completely untrue. He was quick to point out that the German model story was definitely fabricated and even accused Karlie of putting it out there to excuse her own fling with Scrapp before he headed to prison.

Considering the way Karlie Redd did Lyfe Jennings dirty by cheating on him with Scrapp DeLeon during Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, he actually went pretty easy on his ex-fiance. Even near the end of the interview, Lyfe said that he really liked Karlie's potential. It turns out he just really didn't like the way she tried to play him on reality TV when she knew he'd be watching.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]