Justin.tv gets serious on copyright, signs deal with Fox

Justin.tv has signed new deals with Fox and others that will see the live stream site hit pirated content that is archived on the site, as well as pirated content as it’s being streamed live.

Working with Vobile, Justin.tv has begun fingerprinting all saved clips and scanning them against Vobile’s content database. Users with clips that are found to be infringing will have their clips removed and the channel taken offline.

The bigger challenge is live video, with users uploading 24.3 hours of live video per minute every day. From November, in partnership with Fox and Net Result, Justin.tv will expand the fingerprinting system to all live video, which in theory will mean broadcasts of pirated live content (such as sporting events, see picture above) will be stopped as they begin, not some time later following a takedown request from the provider.

As a preemptive measure for Justin.tv the deals make a lot of sense: the company may be protected by the DMCA, but likewise the volume of pirated content made the company a possible target for legal action.