WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Leaning Towards Breaking Up The New Day

WWE has a unique problem to deal with before the WWE draft and brand split next week. The current WWE World Tag Team Champions, The New Day, are not only in danger of losing their championship to The Wyatt Family at WWE Battleground, but the trio is at risk of being separated by the WWE Draft.

It’s been heavily rumored over the past few weeks that WWE officials are considering breaking up The New Day because they feel that the stable was peaked with nowhere to go but down. The WWE Draft provides an opportunity for the group to be disbanded without featuring it on WWE programming, which many look at as a lost opportunity for the three men.

Of course, Xavier Woods’ bizarre behavior since the trio’s feud with The Wyatt Family began has people questioning if he’ll be turning heel to end the stable. The rumor mill has questioned if Big E will betray Kofi and Xavier before receiving a huge push from WWE officials afterward.

Another possibility is for The New Day to lose the WWE Tag Team titles to The Wyatt Family at WWE Battleground and ride off into the sunset on their unicorns before all three men go their separate ways the next night when the brand split is official. There are many ways for The New Day stable to end, but it is ultimately left up to Vince McMahon if “the last day” of The New Day is coming at WWE Battleground.

The New Day Ride Their Unicorns [Image via WWE.com]According to a report from Ring Side News, Vince McMahon is thinking and leaning towards breaking up The New Day. It will be a sad day, but McMahon will be making the decision for a very specific reason.

Vince McMahon is looking at the WWE roster, and he doesn’t feel there are enough top stars with the potential to be in the main event. His feeling is that Big E is someone who can be thrust into the WWE main event picture after the brand split. He’s been an Intercontinental Champion and is a former NXT Champion, and he has the look that top WWE officials like in a main event player.

WWE pushing Big E into the title picture is a great thing, especially considering it would be his work in The New Day that got him over. However, the expectation is that Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would remain in a tag team, which is disappointing considering all three guys have the potential to be major players in WWE after the end of The New Day.

Kofi Kingston Stands in Front of the WWE Crowd [Image via WWE.com]Kofi Kingston has been a four-time Intercontinental Champion, a three-time United States Champion, he’s held WWE Tag Team gold five times in his career, and he’s been in WWE for a decade now. Big E may have the look, and Xavier Woods may have the voice, but Kofi has the in-ring ability, accolades, and experience to be a main event player.

The New Day is the greatest thing Kingston has been a part of in his WWE career, which is saying something considering the amount of title reigns he has had. There isn’t anything left for him to do in WWE besides climbing to the next level and challenge for a WWE World Championship. The truth is, if it doesn’t happen now, it never will.

If WWE officials and Vince McMahon ultimately break up The New Day stable after the WWE Draft and WWE Battleground, it would be an understandable decision based on a need to create new singles stars. If the rumors are true, the powers that be in WWE are settling for one breakout star of The New Day when they should have three.

That’s the real ending The New Day deserves.

[Image via WWE.com]