Popular Weight Loss Plans For 2016–Which Will Become The Top Searched Diet Plan In Google

No one can deny that there are many different weight loss plans, and it seems like every week another one pops up in the media. The favorite core plans have not changed much over the years, and it seems they grow more popular as time goes on. For example, Paleo and Gluten free has been popular for three years now and appears to be a favorite way to lose weight by many people.

The Paleo diet has been popular since the diet plan was launched several years ago as a way to “reset” your metabolism. Many love it because it is simple, avoiding certain foods, and eating from a food list. This diet makes it simple to eat with your family and promises if you follow it as directed you will shed not only shed weight but reclaim your health.

Typically, cereal, rice, cakes, and processed foods cannot be consumed while eating Paleo.

Weight Watchers has ben around for many years and used by many people. The reason it remains a popular plan is that the plan works.The program works by counting points and not calories, Weight Watcher Online reports. You are assigned allotted a set amount of points to use each day, based on your weight, height, and activity level. Experts claim this is a healthy way to eat because it encourages a healthy natural diet. Weight Watchers popularity has soared in the past few weeks after Oprah Winfrey endorsed the plan.

The 5:2 diet was credited for being an efficient and safe way to shed weight. How the plan works is you normally eat for five days a week, and two days you only eat 500-600 calories. A few years ago, the diet became extremely popular when Jennifer Aniston explained that it helped her keep her slim, perfect figure even if she didn’t have time to work out often. If you aren’t sure where to begin with the plan, there are cookbooks and guidebooks to help. The cookbook gives you idea how to eat delicious foods even on the days that you are supposed to reduce your calories drastically.

Another popular plan is clean eating. It seems to be extremely popular among the body builders and fitness minded people.The diet plan consists of whole, natural foods. Clean eating bans artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and encourages natural foods. The idea is to eat food in the natural state, and to avoid “fake foods.”However, when you eat a potato chip, for example, it is heavily processed and does not resemble the potato it came from originally.

There is no exact science to this diet. The objective is to eat as natural and the least amount of processed foods as possible. Tony Horton, the Beach Body fitness trainer, recommends a 90 percent clean eating diet. He knows that everyone, including himself, enjoys eating comfort foods from time to time. He stated this will allow you to eat a few junk foods still if you wish.

For three years in a row, Paleo diet has been the most searched diet plan of the year. Paleo is extremely popular and has many names. One of the most popular names it is known by is Whole 30. In Whole 30, you eat nothing but natural whole foods for 30 days. The plan allows no sugar of any kind–even natural honey.

Many experts think a new weight program may take that title, especially after Oprah brought so much attention to Weight Watchers this year.

Have you ever tried any of these diet plans? Are there any of these plans that you wouldn’t try? Have you tried a method not listed that you think deserved to be featured?

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