Mike Francesa Falls Asleep On Air [Video]

Mike Francesa’s show last night was so boring that even the host couldn’t stay awake.

YES Network talk show host Mike Francesa was talking to WFAN reporter Sweeny Murti on the phone about the New York Yankees game against the Boston Red Sox. Murti talks about the late season match up and Francesa, well, he falls asleep.

The video below shows the talk show host slowly nodding off while Murti is talking.

Murti eventually says the word “Mike” and Francesa snaps back awake.

You’ve got to give the talk show host a little credit, however. When he woke up in the middle of the conversation he didn’t make any stupid gaffes.

He just waited for Murti to stop talking and then said:

“Alright, we’re talking with Sweeny obviously as we get ready for a trip to Boston and then back this weekend against Tampa.”

Francesa then launches into another question. Probably so he can get a little more shut eye.

Here’s the video of Mike Francesa falling asleep on his show.

Here’s a little gif that Deadspin created. You know, in case you want to relieve that bewildered big eye moment again and again and again.

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