Boycotts Urged From July 11- 31 Via ‪#OperationDisruptCashFlow And #‎BlackSpendingMatters‬

A bunch of boycotts are being organized and urged by folks on social media websites who are determined to show the public how much spending power African-Americans possess. Events like the one titled Black Spending Matters have appeared on Facebook, with more than 24,000 people proclaiming they will attend the event as of this writing.

The “Black Spending Matters” Facebook movement shows 364,000 people have been invited to the event — with 4,000 of those listing “maybe” next to the 24,000 who answered that they would affirmatively join the movement.

On Twitter, the ‪#OperationDisruptCashFlow hashtag is gaining momentum, with its proposed schedule of disruptive spending poised to bring attention to black spending power as well by urging shoppers to support black businesses during specified periods of time.

The particular Facebook event actually dubs itself a call to action or movement, not a mere event. The goal and objective of the boycott is to try and bring attention to the plight of racial tension in the country by diverting African-American funds directly to black-owned businesses. The description of the event explains that the movement isn’t about divisiveness, but is an attempt to show the power of black monies.

“Since it appears #Blacklives DON’T matter. How about our money?? For this period. As much as you are able, DON’T SPEND ONE CENT, unless it is in a Black-owned establishment. It is not about hate or separateness. It is about sending a message. We will all go back to supporting other businesses afterward (as we have been doing) but we NEED to begin showing that we are not as divided as we are perceived to be or to begin to lessen some divides that do exist.”

“It will be taking place IN EVERY COMMUNITY IN AMERICA! WE will be coming together and collectively supporting Black businesses thus showing that we are capable of non-violent UNITY and TOGETHERNESS. Something that has been sorely lacking with US in some instances. And, making it evident that #Blacklivesmatter and #Blackspendingmatters.”

The Facebook movement goes on to link to Black businesses such as the Black Business Network and other African-American owned resources. It isn’t the only boycott being boasted about and buzzed about on social media.

Other varying boycotts on social media urge African-Americans to take a break from spending at the following locations — either beginning on Sunday, July 10 — or starting Monday, July 11 — based on the differing dates being bandied about on Twitter. Some have ending dates of July 16, July 17, or July 31 — with the main thrust being to focus on spending funds at black-owned businesses during much of that period.

The images being spread on Twitter and Facebook show a variety of spending breakdown boycotts by day as follows, with the first representing Monday, July 11 — at least in some circles — or Sunday, July 17, in others. Indeed, if the “Black Spending Matters” movement continues to gain steam, retailers could be feeling the heat of the dip in gross sales within one week.

“Day 1 – Boycott Big Chain/Department Stores (Walmart, K-Mart, Macy’s, Sam’s Club, etc.)

Day 2 – Boycott fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Arby’s Burger King, etc.)

Day 3 – Boycott online shopping (No Amazon, eBay, online stores, etc.)

Day 4 – Boycott Supermarkets

Day 5 – Repeat Days 1 & 2

Day 6 – Repeat Days 3 & 4

Day 7 — DO NOT SPEND!!!!!

* Exception: Minority businesses”

Some of those who have shared the Facebook event about the boycott write that their Facebook friends could not view the invitation on their own timelines — however, such claims have not been verified by Facebook. Others write that the boycott isn’t exclusive to African-Americans, but posit the theory that any member of any race can participate in the monetary and shopping boycott as much as they’d like.

Searching for the information about boycotts proves that news about potential boycotts are also being discussed around boycotting Pandora because Pandora published a tweet about their corporate hearts aching over any of those who have unfairly lost their lives in the recent violence around the country.

The proposed boycotts have their detractors and supporters online.

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