Gigi Hadid Seeks Help For Ex-One Direction Member Zayn Malik

When Gigi Hadid discovered that off-again, on-again boyfriend Zayn Malik had missed out on last month’s Capital’s Summertime Ball due to his “crippling anxiety,” she did what any good girlfriend would — she made plans to get him help. The supermodel has supposedly reached out to numerous lifestyle experts that specialize in overcoming anxiety attacks. She’s even gone so far as to work with them to try to convince Zayn to take a brief hiatus from working to enter a treatment facility, OK! reports.

Days after the couple announced they called it quits in June, Malik cancelled his performance at the Ball. But the Pillow Talk singer made it up to fans with a heartfelt message via Twitter, apologizing and even giving the reason behind his last-minute no-show.

“To all those people who have been waiting to see me perform at the Capital Summertime Ball today, I flew into the UK last night to appear in my home country in front of my family, friends, and most importantly my UK fans. Unfortunately my anxiety that has haunted me throughout the last few months around live performances has gotten the better of me… with the magnitude of the event, I have suffered the worst anxiety of my career. I cannot apologise [sic] enough but I want to be honest with everyone who has patiently waited to see me, I promise I will do my best to make this up to everybody I’ve let down today. I know those who suffer anxiety will understand and I hope those who don’t can empathise [sic] with my situation.”

After his post, Gigi showed her support with a message of her own.

“Your bravery in those times makes me proud, but your honesty last night proved what you’re all about, being real’, she posted on Instagram. ‘Human recognizes human. You made the best of the situation and have given your fans an opportunity to understand you better as a performer. ‘Love you and so proud of you always 🙂 G “

Before Gigi stepped in, Zayn also sought solutions for his anxiety. In June, the singer reached out to Adele for some pointers, as she has never been mum about her battles with stage fright. In 2011, she told Rolling Stone it was a meeting with Beyonce that helped her get over her fears. Beyonce, who is known to use her alter ego on stage — Sasha Fierce — inspired the singer’s creation of a performance persona, Sasha Carter (a mix between Sasha Fierce and June Carter). It seems talks with the English singer and songwriter may have helped the former One Direction member.

A source confided in E! News, “Things are back to normal with them. They got through a rough patch that Zayn was facing personally and it started to put a dark cloud on their relationship. Gigi was there for him when he needed her the most and that brought them closer than ever.”

The same source added, “They have been spending some alone time together lately without the media seeing them. Zayn is feeling better with the help of Gigi and many other close people in his life. It’s a work in progress for him.”

Since getting back together, the couple has been spending quality time together. The 23-year-old singer has been learning to ride horses and has admitted his favorite thing to do with his 22-year-old girlfriend is “Netflix and chill.”

Here’s to hoping that Zayn and Gigi continue to work things out and he overcomes the anxiety that haunts countless men and women, including the celebrities we have come to love.

[Image via Getty Images/George Pimentel]