Chris Brown Hits A New Low — Is Rihanna & Drake’s Love The Reason?

Chris brown is acting up again and no one knows why. There have been quite a few episodes of his bizarre behavior in past few months. The latest was when Chris Brown allegedly punched Michael Guirguis, his former manager, The Inquisitr had reported. The lawsuit filed against the singer said Chris “turned his (drug-fueled) rage” on his former manager, “shutting Mike G alone into a room with him and brutally attacking him —punching him four times in the face and neck.”

Some time before that Chris Brown was caught by the cops in Amsterdam for not having tags on his bikes. The Inquisitr quoted Daily Mail as saying that the singer also made a Snapchat video of himself. He said in the video: “So, we’re in Amsterdam, we’re in the police station. We got to pay this damn fine. Man, didn’t have no tags.”

But it looks like for Chris Brown, it was all a joke. “Public service announcement kids,” he joked. “Do not ride bicycles in Amsterdam without license plates. Sorry, we just bought the bikes, I forgot about the license plate. So we’re handling the situation as is. But the police are actually really nice about it. I actually like the police out here.”

TMZ had reported another episode in which Chris Brown threw a fan’s phone from the balcony because she was filming him. The eyewitnesses said “he simply took the phone, hurled it over his shoulder, then had security kick her out of VIP.”

CNN reported another instance when Suge Knight sued Chris Brown for the shooting that happened at a party organized by the singer in August 2014.

“As a result of the negligence of the defendants, one or more unknown individuals were allowed access to the event with weapons, including firearms,” the complaint states. “As a foreseeable result, gunshots were fired by those admitted into the event and [Knight] was shot and seriously injured.”

The New York Post has said that Chris Brown is probably not aware of the consequences of what he does. “I don’t think he’s aware of the downfalls that can come from the things that he does,” an anonymous source told The Post. “He falls back into these moments where he doesn’t seem to care about the repercussions. It’s almost like a blackout situation.”

Could this all be a result of the heartbreak he has suffered because there is no hope of reconciliation with Rihanna? He had, after all, hit rock bottom after he went to jail for domestic abuse. Chris Brown has said that he was suicidal after his brush up with the law. “I went from being on top of the world, No. 1 songs, being kind of like America’s sweetheart to being Public Enemy No. 1,” Brown said in the trailer for Welcome to My Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary. “I felt like a f*****g monster… I was thinking about suicide, I wasn’t sleeping, I barely ate.”

And now, with reports that Rihanna and Drake are dating again, Chris Brown can’t be happy.

“Dating is fine. Hook ups are fine. But if Chris got wind that Drake actually proposed to Rihanna, he wouldn’t let that happen,” a source told Hollywood Life exclusively. The sources have stated that Chris Brown doesn’t think Drake is the right person for Rihanna.

“He doesn’t believe Drake’s the man who could offer Rihanna everything she’d want in life. He believes Drake sees women as trophies, and doesn’t want Ri to be the next girl on his trophy wall. Yeah, Chris isn’t ready to be in a true committed relationship with Ri at this moment, but if Drake tried to take her off the market, it would force Chris to man up quickly.”

Do you think Drake and Rihanna are dating? Do you think Chris Brown is jealous of them?

[Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images]