Hot Toy Reservation Program Coming to Toys ‘R’ Us

The holiday season isn’t here yet but Toys “R” Us is already gearing up for its busiest time of the year. The company unveiled its Tabeo Tablet, a tablet for kids that will be sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores, and today the company announced its Hot Toy reservation program.

The Hot Toy reservation program will start later this week when Toys “R” Us unveils its annual Hot Toys list.

CEO Jerry Storch said that the reservation program will make it easier for parents to get the toys they want this holiday season.

It isn’t uncommon for hot toys to become scarce once it gets closer to the holidays. In 2009, parents scrambled to get a hold of a Zhu Zhu pet and last year parents had to fight for Leapfrog LeapPad tablets.Toys “R” Us says that the Hot Toys reservations program will cut down on some of the chaos during the holidays.

The reservation list does, however, come with a catch. According to the Houston Chronicle, parents will have to go into the store to actually make the reservation. People will also have to put down 20% on the toy they plan to buy.

Salon reports that the holiday season is crucial for toy stores. Some stores can make up to 40% of their annual sales during the holidays.

Storch said:

“I can’t predict the economy, but the last thing parents cut back on is toys.”

Are you ready to start your holiday shopping? Are you going to get your name on the Hot Toy Reservations list?