Skip Your Workout And Eat Chocolate: Cacao Improves Brain Function And Aids In Weight Loss

Wouldn’t it be great to skip your workout and eat dark chocolate instead? It seems like most women’s dream come true. Need to work out? Ever think you’d like to grab a Hershey’s bar, instead? It isn’t quite that easy, but recent research claims that chocolate may be good for you. In fact, scientists say it could be better for your health than sweating it out at the gym.

A recent study argues that a piece of chocolate may actually be good for your health. According to Mind, Body, and Green, eating chocolate may be better for you than an hour-long physical activity. They claim that chocolate is better for you than your intense cardio blast session at your local gym. Now, before you cancel your gym membership, there is a bit of a catch.

The study revealed that chocolate was excellent for your brain, Nature reports. It is so good for you that it can improve your brain function. The study claims that exercising is good for your overall body but does not improve your brain function in any way. According to the experts, this is where chocolate has the advantage. Chocolate actually improves brain function so much that experts are now urging people to consume at least one serving of dark chocolate a day to get the benefits of the cocoa goodness.

Before you swear off exercise for the rest of your life, to see an improvement in brain function, you’d have to eat a ton of cacao. The participants of the study ate one kilogram of unsweetened cacao nips. If you don’t like unsweetened cacao, you’d have to eat 44 pounds of candy bars every day. Think of all the sugar in 44 pounds of candy bars!

The scientist explained that any amount of chocolate would help your brain function, but to reap the most rewards, you need to eat one kilogram of unsweetened cacao or 44 pounds of candy bars. When you think about it, you may get the benefits for improved brain function, but to eat 44 pounds of candy bars, would be quite a lot of calories and sugar.

During the study, half the participants were given a small dose of flavanols (a compound extracted from pure cacao powder), and half were given a high dosage. As the scientist predicted, the participants on the high dosage of cacao compound experienced improved brain function. Those who were given a low dose of flavanols received a small increase in brain function — but nowhere near the improved function that the high dosage subjects.

The new study proved that chocolate is no longer considered junk food, and it can provide health benefits. Chocolate is said to improve your heart function. It also helps your brain function and can aid in weight-loss efforts. Many experts refer to it as a wonder superfood that literally helps every organ in your body. Knowing everything it can do for your body and mood, is there a reason why you shouldn’t eat chocolate every day?

Do you eat chocolate every day? Have you found that it helps you concentrate better or helps stabilize your mood? Scientists said they are just now starting to understand how many benefits chocolate has to the human body, and many of the advantages may not be discovered for decades.

So go ahead and indulge in chocolate. Feel free to eat a serving every day if you want. It won’t hinder your weight loss efforts. In fact, according to the research study, it may help you shed those unwanted pounds.

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