‘Pokémon GO’ Tips: How To Start With Pikachu, What It Takes To Find Charizard, And How To Locate Rare Pokemon

Pokémon GO has turned into an instant sensation, and anyone who needs some help locating rare Pokémon or starting with Pikachu can find plenty of hints to help in their quest to catch them all.

The groundbreaking game was released to the public this week, with the iPhone and Android-compatible app allowing users to find Pokémon in their neighborhoods and search for other real-life players to challenge to a battle. As users figure out the game and the tricks with finding the more rare Pokémon, the hints have been flooding the internet.

One of the first major hints for Pokémon GO comes from Polygon, which explained how users can start out with one of the most popular Pokémon, Pikachu. The app starts users off with the three most basic Pokémon — Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur — but Polygon noted that users can replicate the experience of Pokémon Yellow, which allowed players to start with Pikachu.

The guide noted that at the beginning of Pokémon GO, Professor Willis tells the user to choose their starting Pokémon, at which time they select one of the first three and go into a battle.

There is still another option, the Pokémon GO hint noted.

“If you don’t select a Pokémon, however — if you just keep walking away instead — the three will disappear, then respawn in front of you.

“This is a little tricky to work out, since the game’s camera keeps the trio on screen with you for most of the time, and its GPS still isn’t the most accurate. But if you manage to ignore Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur four times, they’ll come back with another friend in tow.”

That friend is Pokémon, giving the user a chance to battle it out for the popular pick, but Polygon noted that it took them 40 minutes to finally reach that point. So it may not be worth it for players who would rather pick a Pokémon and get right to the action.

But finding Pikachu is just one of the Pokémon GO tips that players have been looking for. It’s also a popular quest to find Charizard, the ultra-rare Pokémon that is something of a legend.

For those frustrated with finding any Pokémon at all, Attack of the Fanboy has some simple hints to help get them started in Pokémon GO. The site noted that the environment actually has a lot to do with it, so water Pokémon are naturally found near bodies of water. And rural areas will be more sparse, so users able to make it to larger urban areas will have an easier time finding Pokémon.

But if they’re still struggling to find any Pokémon, Attack of the Fanboy suggests using some incense to help.

“This item will attract almost all nearby Pokémon to your location for a limited time,” the report noted. “If you see a rare Pokémon near you, or just don’t feel like going for a walk/drive, use some incense and you should be all set.”

Those looking to find Charizard in Pokémon GO won’t have as much help, though there is some guidance on what it will take to find the ultra-rare Pokémon — persistence and plenty of patience. Design & Trend noted that they have been spotted in just 1 percent of wild encounters. One beta tester from California reported spotting one on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles, with the chance that it’s still in the area.

Those looking for more help on finding Pokémon — including rare ones — can click here for more Pokémon GO hints from iDigitalTimes.

[Image via The Official Pokémon Channel/YouTube]