‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: D. Smith Makes An Enemy Out Of Ariane Davis During A Studio Session Gone Bad

Ariane Davis is still trying to break into music in the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. This time around, Ariane is getting warmed up for a studio session with D. Smith when the transgender producer tells her that her voice just isn’t ready. Rather than take the criticism constructively, Ariane was very offended and ended up leaving the studio in anger.

In the VH1 sneak peek, Ariane is seen doing a few warmups during what she thought was a collaboration with D. Smith. It was during that warmup that D. and the vocal coach that she brought in both decided that Ariane needed more work before moving forward to actually record.

Ariane was offended by D. Smith because, as she put it, she’s been in the music business for years. Despite her familiarity with the business, though, there is no denying that Ariane isn’t a solo artist.

Fans of LHHATL know this isn’t the first time that Ariane has tried to become a singer, only to get turned down as cameras rolled. It was just a couple of seasons back when Ariane auditioned to become a backup singer for K. Michelle. During that segment, Ariane had a similarly bad session and ended up getting ripped by one of the judges who was helping to vet talent for K. Michelle’s upcoming tour.

VH1 saved the clip of Ariane trying out to be one of K. Michelle’s group of backup singers. It doesn’t look like her more recent run in with D. Smith in the studio went any better or worse.

With Ariane Davis angry now too, D. Smith is quickly running out of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast who have anything nice to say about her. So far, since joining the show on Season 5, D. and her sidekick, Betty Idol, had drama with Tammy Rivera after they sparred nonstop with Tammy about something Waka Flocka said on social media about transgenders that they didn’t like.

A similar issue happened when D. Smith and Betty Idol went after Bambi Benson. The women were again offended by something that Scrappy said, and rather than take it up with him, they went after Bambi. That spat probably had more to do with Betty’s romantic encounters with Scrappy than what he said, though, and they recently confronted him personally about the comments as well.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, D. Smith has already made it known during a recent interview that she has no plans to return to VH1’s hit reality show. She explained that the experience wasn’t exactly what she imagined it would be and that she felt there would be better platforms for her to take part in while working to further awareness for our transgender population.

D. never acknowledged the role she played in the constant conflicts that she had with the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast or that she probably would have made more allies while appearing on the show if Betty Idol hadn’t stirred up so much drama.

Tune into Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday night at 8 p.m. to see if Ariane Davis and D. Smith are able to make up after the studio session gone wrong. In the meantime, tell us in the comments section if you believe that D. Smith was being condescending as Ariane charged or if she really does need to work on her voice before hitting the studio.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]