Add eSarcasm to your daily read

Sadly in May I had to bid a fond farewell to JR Raphael after he finished a 12 month stint writing for The Inquisitr. What I am pleased to note today though is that JR is back, sadly not here at The Inquisitr, but with a new site: eSarcasm.

Billed as “snark 2.0,” eSarcasm opens with “Do you tweet too much? Have you recently added “social media guru” to your resume? Do you believe in a literal interpretation of TechCrunch? Then you will probably hate eSarcasm, a site devoted to mockery of all things tech.”

The site launched earlier this month and is already building some nice momentum, including traffic and comments. The content, as the name suggests, is full of sarcastic win, with posts looking at topics including Adult services after Craigslist, Your Passwords and Your Personality,and CrunchPad to Include ‘AutoRumor’ and ‘AlwaysRight’ Technology.

Naturally we wish JR the best of luck with the site and recommend that it’s worth a visit.