Kylie Jenner Slams Haters For Giving Her Lip Kit Company An ‘F’ Rating

Kylie Jenner has had it with haters who are giving her Lip Kits a low rating. In a message posted on her Kylie Cosmetics website, Jenner addressed the “F” low rating she has been given by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) after more than 100 customers slammed her product. Kylie attributed the low marks to trolls who are trying to ruin her business.

“I’ve sold millions of lip kits and any complaint we’ve received to date has been addressed in a timely manner,” Kylie wrote. “I’m sick and tired of people coming for my business … I don’t want to respond to the haters but you guys deserve an answer and to know the facts.”

Jenner went on to apologize to any buyers who complained about their purchase and felt they didn’t get good customer service.

“I love everything about Kylie Cosmetics and I will do anything in my power to protect and improve it every day and make you guys happy,” Jenner wrote. “I love you and apologize to anyone who felt the urge to complain and didn’t receive the service they deserve.”

The 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also pointed out that while her company’s initial rating was an F, the Better Business Bureau has now changed their categorization for Kylie Cosmetics to “No Rating” as they await updates on customer service issues.

According to People, Kylie Cosmetics received the worst rating possible by the BBB earlier this week, after the company was dogged by nearly 150 customer complaints, some of which were listed as “never resolved.” While some customers complained about the quality of the products, including frayed lip gloss brushes, others slammed Kylie’s company for delivery issues, with some even claiming they never received their kits.

The BBB noted that Kylie Cosmetics feels the missing packages may have been stolen from the mail.

“Because [the] product is shipped in highly recognizable packaging, [Kylie Cosmetics] feel that packages are being vandalized or stolen,” the consumer site posted.

Despite the negative reviews—there are even more on YouTube— Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits have been a hot commodity. When Kylie launched the website for her $29 Lip Kits last November, they were sold out in less than an hour. The youngest Jenner sister apologized to fans who missed out on the initial batch of kits, revealing that her website even crashed at one point during the launch. Within hours, the sold-out kits were being hawked on eBay for up to 50 times the retail cost.

The lip kits each contain a lip liner and a liquid matte lipstick, and the most recent batch features more colors than the original pinks and nudes, including a black shade, a limited edition light blue shade called Skylie, and the navy blue Freedom, the latter two which were launched just in time for the Fourth of July. Jenner posted pictures of the new shades to Instagram, describing them as “very limited.”

Jenner told In Style she decided to create her own lip line after constantly being asked about what lipstick shade she was wearing.

“It came to a point where I would just tell everyone what lip color I was using and then I would try to go buy more and it would be completely sold out,” Kylie revealed. “I wanted to take matters into my own hands and make my perfect color, have it in stock, with my name on it.”

Kylie Jenner already has some famous fans who love her Lip Kits, including pal Ariana Grande. As for those haters, Kylie Jenner probably already knows it comes with the territory, so, for now, she’ll just have to keep up with the complaints.

Take a look at the video below for more on Kylie Jenner’s F rating from the BBB.

[Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC.]