‘White Boy Privilege’ Trends: 14-Year-Old Royce Mann’s Slam Poem Gets Buzz [Video]

Twitter reports that “White Boy Privilege” is a trending topic. It’s one of the many phrases beginning with the word “white” that are trending on social media networks like Facebook, or showing up as related topics and search suggestions on other social media websites. “White Boy Privilege” is the name of the slam poem by Royce Mann, an 8th-grader from Atlanta, as seen in the below video.

Mann wrote and read his “White Boy Privilege” poem as part of a competition for school, with Royce’s powerful poem winning him the top spot in the poem competition. It is also winning him views online, with the video surging to nearly 40,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube on June 27.

Warning: The below video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

Surprisingly, the “White Boy Privilege” shows the teen using a few curse words, but Royce explains via his poem that he used that profanity for the powerful effect it had upon listeners. Royce said that the F-bombs he dropped in his poem meant that listeners would not attribute his potty mouth to his entire race — only to Royce himself.

Mann said that he recognized he was born on a top rung in the societal ladder of race and that he admitted to loving being privileged in society. Royce didn’t just talk about his so-called “White Boy Privilege” in terms of any advantages offered him over minorities, but also how by virtue of being born male meant that he had certain advantages over females, in the most twisted versions of societal minds that harbor racist and sexist belief systems.

It’s not just Ryan’s “White Boy Privilege” poem that’s gaining attention surrounding white topics online.

Twitter also reports that the term “white man points shotgun” as a related term receiving lots of attention. The phrase is related to a recent incident, as reported by WNCN, involving 62-year-old William Bruce Ray.

Ray hails from Raleigh and with William’s story being shared thousands of times on Facebook, folks are reeling over the fact that Ray was able to fire a gun during an altercation with a Wake County deputy after Ray pointed a gun at passing cars — and Ray walked away alive.

After the police officer found William, Ray extracted his weapon and had the gun wrestled away from him — without authorities killing Ray. Ray even fired the gun during the melee, but was not shot by the officer, as others recently in the media have been shown being shot when carrying a gun.

On Wednesday, Ray received a $150,000 bond in court.


As well as Ray’s story being shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook, other phrases containing white topics are also being discussed online.

According to Facebook, more than 20,000 people are searching for “white man shot by police.”

The term “White Lives Matter” is listed as a popular search term on Facebook as well, with more than 87,000 people talking about the subject.

Another video titled “White Privilege,” showing a white man resisting arrest and getting all kinds of chances to comply with the two white officers who taser and tussle with him, is also getting attention once more.

Warning: The below video contains language and violence that might be offensive to some viewers.


Meanwhile, in the midst of all the recent events going on in the U.S., President Barack Obama can be seen in the below photo on his departure from Madrid, Spain. Close to Air Force One, Mr. Obama planned to return to the U.S. on Sunday, July 10, one day earlier than originally planned.

White Issues [Photo by Paul White/AP Images]The reaction to recent racial incidents across the country has social media buzzing.

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