Kevin Owens Just Threw Some Major Shade At Brock Lesnar

Kevin Owens is widely considered one of the best in the WWE on the stick and in in-ring performances.

His performance at the sports entertainment company was quickly rewarded with the NXT World Championship followed by a surprise victory over John Cena and a run with the U.S. and Intercontinental titles on the main brand.

A superstar on the indie wrestling scene long before making his WWE debut, Kevin Owens is who many hardcore wrestling fans point to when they talk about the guys who deserve a massive push.

Contrast that with Brock Lesnar, who’s widely known as a legitimate tough guy for his runs in both the UFC and the WWE, and you have a dream match that fans want to see.

On Saturday night, Lesnar added to his legend with a dominant victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200. He will be returning to WWE for a SummerSlam bout with Randy Orton in August, and while few wrestling fans would doubt his status as a legitimate tough guy, many still condescendingly refer to the Beast Incarnate as a “part-timer” due to his lighter work schedule.

Kevin Owens is apparently one of these people as evidenced by a July 8 house show performance in which he roasted Lesnar.

The 45-second clip was caught on cell phone video and uploaded via Twitter. You can watch it below or read a partial transcript if you’re not in a place conducive to video streaming.

For the pertinent part, here’s what Kevin Owens had to say about the Beast Incarnate.

“You want me to get him? Yeah? Why don’t you take off that Brock Lesnar shirt and get a shirt of somebody who is actually a professional wrestler, how about that?”

Ouch. The story has since been picked up by a number of news outlets such as PWMania and has even gone bilingual with sites like SuperLuchas pushing the narrative.

Anyone who is familiar with Kevin Owens’ style knows how good he is at working a crowd against him — even one that wants to cheer him.

When NXT fans were throwing shade at John Cena in the buildup to their first match and shouting things like “Cena sucks,” Owens refused their support, pointing to NXT darling Sami Zayn and saying, “Yeah, you know who else sucks? Sami Zayn!”

He has a way of controlling audiences for the reaction that he wants better than any other performer on the roster, and that takes a certain degree of spontaneity.

That said, the exchange captured above shows all the hallmark style of improvisation that fans have grown to love Kevin Owens for. In other words, this was all him and likely not endorsed by WWE.

Therefore, you probably shouldn’t be betting on any quick and creative booking changes that would pit Owens against Lesnar at SummerSlam.

WWE already has Brock and Randy Orton lined up for that pay-per-view anyway.

But if the WWE does want to save itself from a potential booking nightmare where they would have the returning Orton squashed by Lesnar, a good use of Kevin Owens would be to have him interfere and cost Brock the match.

This would save Orton from getting buried in his highly anticipated return, and it would set up a real grudge program between Brock and Kevin Owens for future pay-per-views with Owens as the obvious heel.

(Just think of the promo battles between him and Brock’s “advocate” Paul Heyman.)

While the WWE is unlikely to do anything like that next month when a triumphant Brock returns to action, few expected them to put the belt on Dean Ambrose at Money in the Bank, so don’t assume the company won’t use Kevin Owens’ roast of Lesnar to good use.

But what do you think, readers? Is the wrestling world ready for a Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens feud? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via WWE]