Leonardo DiCaprio: Doppelganger Living The Life Of A Star Thanks To His Resemblance To The Star

Oscar-winner and superstar Leonardo DiCaprio has impacted a Russian man in the best way possible thanks to the close resemblance in appearance between the men. Roman Burtsev looks strikingly similar to the Catch Me If You Can star,in all ways except their weight. Burtsev has about 100 pounds on the notable actor.

The Russian-born citizen has even taken to the small screen in roles that goof on the American actor and his newfound fame thanks to his similarity in appearance to DiCaprio. One such commercial has some pretty comical lines referring to the perks that come with Burtsev’s familiar looks. Esquire shares the words of the former unknown in one such commercial.

“‘One day you realize your life is but a fake,’ Burtsev narrates while driving a fake BMW, chatting on a fake iPhone, while a woman next to him uses nail polish to paint the bottom of her high heels with red nail polish to look like Louboutins.”

As the publication notes, Burtsev is the “king of the world” in Russia. Burtsev first came on the scene in his nation as the doppelganger to DiCaprio during the lead-up to this year’s Oscars. The Hollywood Reporter shares about his road to his 15 minutes of fame in his nation that has now turned international.

“Burtsev, a 33-year-old emergency service officer from the Moscow region, came to prominence in Russia during this year’s Oscar campaign. The Russian coverage of the Academy Awards focused on DiCaprio, and the media jumped at the chance to show off their local look-alike. Burtsev was a regular feature of Russian Oscar coverage, even appearing on a reality show on the Moskva 24 television network.”

To take advantage of his instant fame, Burtsev started an Instagram account that includes posts of him dressed up in characters that DiCaprio has played over his career as a Hollywood star, including characters from Titanic and The Revenant.

Interestingly enough, although the Russian doppelganger owes gratitude to DiCaprio for his chance in the spotlight, he is not an overly huge fan of Leo’s. Burtsev commented on this via his website, where he downplayed the status of DiCaprio and made it clear what he holds most dear in life: his family.

“He got an Oscar? So what? This is just a useless piece of metal. Leo doesn’t have the most important thing, which is a family.”

It seems obvious that Leonardo really isn’t all that focused on commitment and family, seeing as he is constantly linked to a range of women — and whatever relationships the star does have seem to fizzle. At the moment, DiCaprio apparently is engaging in a romance with yet another model, Victoria Secret stunner Nina Agdal. Although there have been reports that the two are in love and enjoying a serious relationship, new sources have stepped forward claiming otherwise.

The 41-year-old and the supermodel are reportedly enjoying a “fast fling,” as the Times of India shares.

“I don’t think it’s any more than a fast fling,” an insider said.

The pair was spotted recently on vacation on a private Bahamian island Over Yonder Cay and were also spotted on a weekend getaway in Montauk, New York, in June. The notable star has been linked to a number of models as well as A-listers, including Rihanna, Gisele Bundchen, and Blake Lively.

Leonardo, although nominated for many Academy Awards, won his first ever this year for the hit film The Revenant.

[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]