Kim Kardashian Disturbed By Dallas Shootings, Seeks Justice And Police Reforms Beyond Hashtags

According to the latest news about Kim Kardashian, the celebrity star is deeply disturbed over the recent Dallas shootings. Reportedly, Kim fears that her children will grow up thinking that “their lives don’t matter.”

The celebrity star shared her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and police brutality, marking the deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

Police reportedly shot Sterling, 37, multiple times in the chest and back when they responded to a 911 call of a man threatening people with a gun. However, video footage showed Sterling did not show any signs of endangering the officers.

Similarly, Castile, 32, was shot and killed in front of his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, when they were pulled over for a traffic stop. Reportedly, he was reaching for his license and registration, but the officer thought he was getting out a pistol. The incident triggered Black Lives Matter outrage after Reynolds live-streamed the graphic video of the incident on Facebook.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star penned an emotional piece on Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings and confessed she fears for the future of her kids, 3-year-old daughter North and 7-month-old son Saint.

Reportedly, the news of black men getting murdered by police officers appalled Kardashian, and she was completely heartbroken. The Dallas shootings left her speechless, angry, and numb.

The New Zealand Heard quoted Kardashian on the alleged racially-motivated shootings in Dallas.

“I want my children to grow up knowing that their lives matter. I do not ever want to have to teach my son to be scared of the police, or tell him that he has to watch his back because the people we are told to trust — the people who protect and serve — may not be protecting and serving him because of the color of his skin.”

Sharing her post on Twitter, the 35-year-old celebrity, who married American rapper and songwriter Kanye West, urged the blacks to peacefully use the power of their voices and bring a change.

Noticeably, Kardashian did not mention the Thursday night attack on police at the scene of Black Lives Matter peaceful protest in Dallas but added an advisory note in support of law enforcement in general.

According to Kim, the last thing she wanted is retaliation with more hate or violence, especially against the police officers who risk their lives to protect families and communities. Kardashian sought reforms in the judicial system so that police excesses are not overlooked.

“It is our responsibility as Americans and as parents to create a safe future for our children. We must do something now. We must speak up until we are heard and real, effective changes are made,” Kim Kardashian added.

The celebrity star specifically invoked names of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and Sean Bell, saying merely hashtags are not enough to convey the injustice meted out to blacks and all this must end now.

“Hashtags are not enough. This must end now.”


Finally, Kardashian urged her fans to contact their local legislator and voice the need for change or donate to Sterling’s and Castile’s families.

Husband Kanye West also communicated his thoughts on the Dallas shootings. The rapper shared a link to an Instagram video on Twitter with the caption “Alton Sterling.”

Given the sensitive nature of race relations in the United States, this is not the first time Kimberly Kardashian has plunged herself into the seething racial conflict involving African Americans and whites. In July 2013, she tweeted support for Trayvon Martin’s family — she included a #nojustice hashtag after the acquittal of the George Zimmerman.

However, critics were quick to remind her father Robert Kardashian’s role in the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, who was accused of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson.

What are your thoughts on the Kardashian family’s appeal to fans on the Dallas shootings and Black Lives Matter?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]