Taylor Swift Obsessed Fan Arrested For Public Nudity & Crying Over Taylor’s Relationship With Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift had another unwanted guest show up to her Westerly, Rhode Island, residence. No, it wasn’t Calvin Harris. It was obsessed fan Joseph Bernatche, who drove to her home, claiming he was scheduled to see Taylor. Just two days prior, Bernatche was arrested for exposing his genitals on a road, TMZ now reports.

Law enforcement in Maine tells TMZ Joseph Bernatche was busted for running into the middle of the street and flashing his penis to a passing motorist. Police tells the news outlet Bernatche did this to “expose the difference between sex and love.”

Once Bernatche was booked for indecent conduct, he was released the next morning to show up at Taylor’s Rhode Island mansion.


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Taylor Swift was in a relationship with Calvin Harris just weeks ago. Swift’s new relationship with 35-year-old Tom Hiddleston seemingly came out of nowhere. Taylor and Hiddleston have made their relationship very public with romantic rendezvous on English beaches, dining and sightseeing in Rome, Italy. Taylor and Hiddleston’s relationship seems to be moving at a very brisk pace.

Bernatche wasn’t too pleased seeing the evolution of this new relationship and watching Taylor jet set around the globe with her new boyfriend. The fan was incredibly distraught with Taylor’s new relationship. Bernatche thought Taylor breaking up with Harris meant he would be the next man in the superstar’s life. Witnesses tell TMZ Joseph Bernatche was crying and claimed he was supposed to marry Swift, but now she’s with Tom Hiddleston.

Taylor’s security team promptly called police when Bernatche was stopped at Taylor’s gate. The authorities then transported Bernatche to the hospital to undergo a mental evaluation. After being transported to the hospital, his car was towed from the scene, according to TMZ.


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It is unclear whether or not Swift was home during the time of the incident as she hopped on a flight to Australia on Wednesday. However, other outlets report Taylor is said to be with Hiddleston, who is filming Thor 3. Swift has yet to address the incident at her Rhode Island residence.

Taylor Swift’s Past Stalkers And Restraining Orders

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Taylor has had to deal with a crazed fans. In 2013, Swift’s security team captured a Chicago man who swam a mile to reach her beachfront property.

In 2012, another man was apprehended for climbing a fence to a home in Nashville, Tennessee, that is linked to Swift.

In 2014, Taylor was granted a temporary restraining order against Timothy Sweet for constant harassment. Timothy was obsessed with Taylor since January, 2011, according to the Huffington Post.

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“If anyone in Taylor Swift’s family gets killed, it is not my fault.”

Sweet wrote to the 26-year-old singer and songwriter since January, 2011, TMZ reports.

“Dearest Taylor, I’ll kill any man who gets in the way of our marriage. Message to John Kerry, Secretary of State. Message from YOUR Presidential Candidate.”

Sweet not only sent Swift emails, but letters and social media posts professing his love.

“My wife, Taylor Swift (Sweet) and I live in Beverly Hills. I am in love with her. In conclusion, we treat each other with dignity and respect. I will carry a gun to protect her the rest of my life.”

In 2014, Timothy was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Swift, her mother, father, and younger brother until 2017, according to the Huffington Post.

Taylor discussed her feelings on the incident.

“[S]eriously alarming and harassing and are extremely distressing to me and my family … [She does] not have desire to interact with or communicate in any way with Mr Sweet.”

Taylor’s security team definitely deserves a round of applause.

What do you think of obsessed fans trying to enter Taylor Swift’s residence? What other ways can celebrities combat fans who cross the line?

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