Vince Neil Faces Jail Time For Vegas Brawl Involving Nicolas Cage

Vince Neil could be headed to prison as a result of a bizarre incident in April outside of a Las Vegas strip club. According to Fox News, Neil has been charged with misdemeanor battery in the case after he allegedly grabbed a female fan’s hair outside of the Aria Resort and Casino and yanked her to the ground. Vince Neil has been ordered to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court on July 27, to face charges on the attack, and now he faces up to six months of prison time if he is convicted.

Vince Neil made headlines for the incident back in April after a woman reportedly approached his friend, actor Nicolas Cage, for an autograph. Neil allegedly pulled the autograph seeker to the ground. Vince and Nicolas were caught on video seconds after the scuffle. Cage appears to be restraining Neil in the video as the Motley Crue frontman shouts expletives at him.


Las Vegas police officer Michael Rodriguez told Rolling Stone that Vince Neil stepped in when the autograph seeker approached him and Nic Cage.

“[Mr. Neil] and Mr. Cage went to Aria,” Rodriguez told the magazine. “A female was attempting to talk to or get an autograph from Mr. Cage. Mr. Neil subsequently pulled her down to the ground by the hair.”

While Cage and Neil reportedly got into a “huge physical fight” during the incident, the paparazzi video only caught the duo reconciling as Nic appealed to Vince to “stop this sh*t now!”


This is not the first time Vince Neil has been in trouble with the law. According to Us Weekly, in 2011 Neil was charged with battery after he allegedly assaulted his former girlfriend, Alicia Jacobs. The charges against Vince were dropped and the singer pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

In addition, Vince Neil dodged jail big time in 1984 after he was the driver in a fatal head-on collision that killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley and seriously injured two passengers in the other car.

Vince Neil crashed his ’72 Ford Pantera in Redondo Beach in December 1984 after a night of drinking and was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence after his blood alcohol level was tested at 0.17. But shockingly, Vince only served part of a 30-day jail sentence and received five years of probation after killing his friend. Neil was also ordered to pay $2.6 million in restitution as well as perform 200 hours of community service.


According to the Los Angeles Times, after Vince Neil’s court hearing in 1985, he apologized to the mother of one of the injured passengers.

“I’m very sorry this happened. I have been praying for you,” Vince reportedly said.

Vince Neil knows that some people still think of him as a murderer. He even admitted it during an interview for VH1’s Behind the Music. And some of his rock star peers are still outraged that he didn’t serve jail time 30 years ago. In an interview with Yahoo Music, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider said he still can’t believe Vince Neil walked away from the manslaughter charges without serving serious jail time.

“Vince Neil could go and literally kill someone in a car accident,” Snider said. “There were two other women who were in a van who were permanently crippled from that famous car accident that killed Razzle from Hanoi Rocks. And people are cool with that. They’re like, ‘Yeah, all right! Rock ‘n’ roll!!’ The guy didn’t do any serious jail time. I’m, like, ‘Really? Really? He’s a murderer.’ I don’t get that at all.”

Take a look at the video below to see the aftermath of Vince Neil’s Vegas brawl.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]