Flying Saucer UFO Lurking In Dark Clouds During Lightning Storm Stalks Jet Airliner Over Italy [Video]

UFO with light near an airplane

UFO hunters claim to have obtained eerie footage that appears to show a flying saucer UFO stalking a jet airliner through a lightning storm over Italy. The alleged large disk-shaped object emerged suddenly from dark clouds during filming of an aircraft flying through a heavy lightning storm.

The flying saucer, which appeared to be hiding behind clouds, was captured on camera as it flew stealthily behind the passenger aircraft, UFO hunters claim.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube on July 8, 2016, by alien hunter UFOvni2012, shows a passenger plane flying through dark clouds in the night while a storm raged over Italy. A sudden flash of lightning appears to reveal a large disk-shaped object stalking the plane.

The mysterious sighting over Italy has captured the attention of members of the online UFO community and sparked a debate.

Enthusiasts have often debated the link between UFOs and atmospheric electrical phenomenon. While researchers claim to have filmed strange crafts in the sky during lightning storms in different parts of the world, various views have been aired on the link between UFOs, thunder and lightning storms.

For instance, UFO Sightings Daily editor, Scott C. Waring, pointed out that there have been multiple reported sightings of UFOs lurking in dark clouds during storms in different parts of the world. The sightings, according to Waring, suggest that alien crafts cause lightning or are attracted to it. He noted that the UFOs appear to be stealth crafts that fly without lights. But their presence in dark night clouds is revealed by flashes of lightning.

“UFOs like this one have been known to either be the cause of the lightning in some clouds, or be attracted to it,” Waring wrote.

“Around the globe, UFOs have been seen in the clouds when the lightning flashes.”

UFO appears close to lightning
“This is not a first time ever,” he continued. “Just here in Taiwan in the last 10 years, they saw UFOs in clouds two times, on two different storms.”

“So… everywhere there is a storm, there is the potential that it could be a UFO causing it, or attracted to it.”

Many UFO hunters believe that advanced alien crafts harvest energy from electrical discharges.

“We know that UFOs are attracted to heavy lightning storms all over the globe and no one knows why,” UFO SightingsHotspot commented, “but it is said that they are actually recharging their batteries with the lightning.”

Some creative enthusiasts have proposed the theory that some alien crafts are able to use electrical discharges in the atmosphere to power their transition through inter-dimensional portals.

For instance, UFO hunter Secureteam10 reported in May 2016, the strange case of a mysterious black UFO captured on camera hovering menacingly in the skies over Johannesburg in South Africa during a storm.

The ominous presence of the mysterious black UFO was revealed during an interval in which lightning illuminated the sky over the South African city. And while the lightning flashed the UFO disappeared mysteriously in a ball of light.

According to UFO hunters, the lightning flash inadvertently revealed an alien spacecraft “discharging plasma” in the form of a ball of light as it “jumped dimension” through a space-time portal.

Some enthusiasts went on to speculate fancifully that alien invaders from a parallel universe or a different dimension of space-time may have visited Johannesburg on a secret mission and were returning to their world under the “cloak” of darkness. But their skulking presence in dark night skies over Johannesburg was revealed at the last moment of inter-dimensional translation.

Such fanciful speculation is commonplace in alien conspiracy theory forums.

Some UFO hunters have claimed that UFOs are also attracted to the mysterious phenomenon of volcanic lightning (see video above). The suggestion led some alien hunters to claim that UFOs could be attracted to electric discharge phenomenon in the atmosphere purely out of scientific curiosity.

However, the theory that alien spacecraft are attracted to lightning and thunderstorms out of scientific curiosity is usually presented to complement the theory that alien crafts harvest energy from lightning.

For instance, footage uploaded to YouTube late in June by Secureteam10, which purportedly shows “fireball” UFOs in the sky during a thunderstorm in Buffalo, New York, sparked a debate, with some believers asserting that the UFOs were alien spacecrafts observing or studying thunderstorm phenomenon and possibly also harvesting energy from lightning.

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