‘Teen Wolf’ Hints At A Premiere Date And Offers Some Teasers

The future of Teen Wolf has been up in the air since word first hit the internet that Dylan O’Brien had been seriously injured and, even though Teen Wolf producers had vowed to wait for Dylan’s return, conjecture spread like wildfire that the character of Stiles was in jeopardy, as was the series.

While O’Brien isn’t the only big name attached to the show, he is vital enough to Teen Wolf and to Scott McCall’s (Tyler Posey) wolf pack that his absence might have been keenly felt. Now, as O’Brien is welcomed back into the fold and Teen Wolf prepares to launch Season 6, Posey and the series creator Jeff Davis are only too happy to give fans an insight into the series.

Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey And Jeff Davis Tease Season 6

Season 5 of Teen Wolf sent Scott McCall, the character played by Tyler, on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions with him losing pretty much everything by the mid season break. Entertainment Weekly reminds us that even Scott’s bromance with Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) seemed to have been irreparably damaged. As Season 5 picked back up, Scott went about reuniting his pack and attempting to reforge his former friendships and, while everyone was willing to band together to face threats like the Dread Doctors and Theo, there still seemed to be an uneasiness to the alliance between Scott and Stiles.

Tyler Posey says his Teen Wolf character has continued to evolve over the break, so, as Season 6 opens, McCall is in a much better place with himself and with his friends. In fact, the Teen Wolf actor suggests this season will see the best Scott McCall of all time.

“He’s rebuilt. Everything that happened in season 5 made him stronger so when season 6 comes up, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, nothing bad has happened in Beacon Hills lately, so he’s feeling confident about that. He’s in a pretty good place,” says the Teen Wolf actor. “When we pick up with him, he’s somewhat happy, which is sort of unusual for Scott.”

Tyler Posey adds that, as far as romances go, his life has mirrored that of Scott’s life, because, for the first time, they are both single and sort of indulging the idea of being a lone wolf. The idea appealed to Posey, so he went to Teen Wolf producers and asked that there not be a new love interest for McCall in Season 6.

“This is the first two years I’m really single, so I relate to it with Scott and I thought it was something that every person has to go through in their life, grow on their own and really figure out who they are. That’s kind of what’s going on with Scott.”

Everybody Loves Stiles

While Season 6 of Teen Wolf will give Scott a chance to experience being single, the cast and crew of the series have hinted that the season will also focus more heavily on Stiles than was the case in Season 5. Game N Guide points out that a major Teen Wolf story arc will have Scott and Stiles working to restore their bromance to its former glory, after Season 5’s troubles and drama. While Scott may be banking on the fact that both he and his former and future BFF are both single, Teen Wolf producers hint that Stiles may not be quite as content to remain single and carefree as McCall.

Jeff Davis has suggested that fans will finally get that Stydia relationship for which they have waited five years, meaning Stiles and Lydia (Holland Roden) will finally get together. If that’s the case, Stiles may not have as much time to bond with his best friend in Season 6 of Teen Wolf as Scott is hoping.

Still, Tyler Posey says nothing could be better for his Teen Wolf character.

“I don’t know if he’s actively trying to be single, but it’s doing good for him. He’s able to focus on what he wants and not let anything get in the way. He’s kind of a crazy puppy dog when he falls in love, kind of aimlessly wandering around, so it’s good that he’s not thinking of any girls right now. Keeps his eyes on the prize.”

MTV has yet to nail down a specific date to premiere Teen Wolf, but they have said the new season will debut sometime this fall.

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