‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Caused the POV Injury, Did One Female Houseguest Really Call Another a ‘THOT,’ Is Natalie Playing James? [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 live feeds continue to offer interesting tidbits of drama, as it was revealed Saturday night how the Power of Veto (POV) injury took place. In addition, some females in the house find another of them to be less than forthright and too flirty, and honesty is called into question regarding an odd showmance.

The week 3 Big Brother POV competition took place on Saturday and it was clear from all the house banter and eventual emergence from the diary room of one houseguest on crutches, an injury took place sometime during the event. According to Joker’s Updates live feed reports, it isn’t 100 percent clear, however, it seems that Bridgette, the current Head of Household (HOH), won the POV and while celebrating with Frank, she was hurt.


During Big Brother 14, when either Frank or his coach mentor, Mike “Boogie” Malin, was successful in a challenge, the men would celebrate in a very physical way. The two would run toward each other, jump up, and complete a mid-air chest or side bump.

Joker’s Updates indicates that this is what Bridgette attempted to do with Frank. However, when the two came down from their jump, Frank reportedly hit Bridgette the wrong way causing her to twist her ankle upon landing. Although in pain, Bridgette recognized the whole thing was an unfortunate accident, and could be heard saying on live feeds, “It was pretty funny!”

Frank obviously felt very bad about what happened, as after Bridgette exited the diary room and entered the house, likely following a medical examination, he volunteered to carry her up the stairs on his back so she could recuperate in her Big Brother 18 HOH room. According to Joker’s Updates, Bridgette has remained positive about the whole thing, saying she believes she will be better on Sunday.


In yet another Saturday development, some female Big Brother 18 houseguests discussed another player in a very unfavorable way, basically saying her flirting had gotten out of control.

Joker’s Updates reported that in a conversation with Zakiyah and Da’Vonne, Nicole noted that Natalie is “rubbing me the wrong way.” Zakiyah agreed and said Natalie rubbed her the wrong way when she asked Zakiyah if she was making pasta. It appears Zakiyah was making macaroni and cheese and Natalie said she was just going to make a small bowl of pasta, but ended up making a “huge” amount. This was apparently a problem because Zakiyah felt Natalie was trying to compete with her.

Zakiyah then noted that while she was in the bathroom area along with Natalie, and presumably Paulie, Natalie was getting “flirty” with him. Zakiyah further stated she was thinking to herself, “Do what you gotta do…. cause I know he’s coming back to me…,” according to Joker’s Updates.


Online Big Brother reports that at about 8:30 p.m. Big Brother house time, Zakiyah stated, “She better stop saying his name like that before I punch her in the face…” She then asked why Natalie has to be such a flirt of Corey and Michelle.

Joker’s Updates reported that Nicole walked into the room where they sat and Zakiyah said her goal is to get each and every “THOT” out of the Big Brother 18 house. Nicole asked, “The what?” to which Corey inquired, “You don’t know what a THOT is?”


Zakiyah then declared, “THOTs out,” to which Michelle replied, “I… love you Z.” Zakiyah went on to explain to Nicole that the acronym meant “That Ho Over There…” Nicole proclaimed she had never heard that before and asked which houseguest the group was talking about, according to Joker’s Updates. Zakiyah indicated Natalie, saying, “Gotta go.”

That was not the end of Natalie talk, as Corey made a revelation to Nicole that seems to be bothering him. Joker’s Updates reported that Corey said Natalie told him she doesn’t really like James. Nicole noted that James would be “real upset” if he knew what Natalie had said, and Corey agreed saying, “I don’t wanna tell him.”


Corey continued by stating, “I just hate it,” asserting that Natalie is “just causing problems” and saying he wants to send her home. Corey also claimed that Natalie caused friction for him with Victor. According to what has been discussed on live feeds, the first week in the Big Brother 18 house, Natalie and Victor had a brief showmance, which Natalie has been heard saying Victor ended. According to Joker’s Updates, Corey thinks the short fling concluded because of him. Corey further stated he didn’t want to have anything to do “with that girl” from “day…1.”

Nicole asked Corey if he and Natalie ever cuddled and Corey responded with “Nooo,” according to Joker’s Updates. But he did reveal Natalie got under the blankets with him. Corey went on to tell Nicole he feels for James.

“He thinks she likes him, he even tells me about it. That’s so uncomfortable… And I feel even worse, because I feel like he liked you first…”

So, it appears that Natalie has set her sights on several men in the Big Brother 18 house, which could either be savvy game play or eventually blow up in her face and cause the other players to turn on her, which may be happening now.

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