WWE Opinion: Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens Should Form a Tag Team After WWE Brand Split

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho Celebrate After a Win

WWE may have unintentionally stumbled into a great idea for Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens to form a new tag team after the WWE Draft and brand split becomes official. At WWE Battleground, Owens will face Sami Zayn in the “final” match of their rivalry to settle the score of who the better man truly is between them. It’s unclear what Chris Jericho will be doing at the PPV right now, but he’ll be wrestling a good match against someone that night.

After WWE Battleground is over and the brand split becomes official for the July 25th edition of Monday Night Raw, both Jericho and Owens are going to need to find their place in the new landscape of WWE along with everybody else. It’s unconfirmed if they’ll be drafted to the same brand, but WWE should ensure that Jericho and Owens are both on Raw or SmackDown together.

WWE’s plans for the Tag Team Championship are still unknown as of this writing. Over the next few weeks, WWE officials could establish Tag Team titles for both Raw and SmackDown or there could remain one championship in the division for both brands. Either way, WWE is going to need to create or bring up some new teams to help with the brand split.

In all likelihood, American Alpha and a few other teams are likely headed up from NXT. However, Jericho and Owens have been subtly working together a lot on WWE programming recently, and they’ve begun to build quite a dynamic during their segments.

Kevin Owens steals Chris Jericho's Scarf

Jericho and Owens’ dynamic together has been subtle, but they’ve been building a rapport over the past few months of WWE programming. They’ve wrestled each other a lot and won some matches as a tag team. When Owens and Y2J are together in backstage segments, there is a clear chemistry between the two men.

The dynamic is competitive and brash, but it’s funny as you can see right here and that is the kind of chemistry that comes from enjoying their work together on screen. Their chemistry seems very natural on WWE TV, which is something WWE could use more of, especially since the two men have so much in common.

Jericho and Owens are both Canadian. They’re both heels, have been wrestling for a combined thirty-five years, and both have been accomplished tag team wrestlers during their career. Jericho is rumored to stay in WWE for the rest of the year, and Owens is free after WWE Battleground to do something new with his character. WWE forming a tag team between the two veterans could ultimately be a great thing for both men going into WWE’s brand split.

Kevin Owens Stares Into the WWE Crowd

WWE has the opportunity to make a strong heel tag team formed by two veterans that have genuine chemistry on WWE programming and are entertaining to watch. Jericho and Owens will be starting fresh after the WWE Draft and brand split, but it seems like a natural progression of their characters is to form a unit in WWE’s tag team division.

To be clear, neither man needs to be in a tag team. However, the chance to work together isn’t always going to be there, and it appears to be something Jericho and Owens could run with in the ring, during promos, and on WWE television.

The biggest selling point of Jericho and Owens forming a tag team is both men will continue to learn from each other, so that whenever WWE decides to end the team, they’ll both have stronger characters for the WWE Universe to watch. That will make Chris Jericho’s 2016 run even more meaningful, and give Kevin Owens a potential boost into the main event picture. A lot of good things can happen when you put two veterans together and just see what happens.

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