‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Bronte Reveals A Secret, One Player Is Injured In POV Competition, And A Target Is Chosen For Eviction [Spoilers]

Bronte reveals a secret in the Big Brother 18 house, as one house guest gets injured, and a target for week 3 eviction is chosen.

The Big Brother 18 house is jumping as secrets are being revealed, the Big Brother Road Kill competition and Power of Veto (POV) challenges have been played, and the Week 3 Head of Household (HOH) seems to have a clear target in mind for eviction this week.

On Friday night, Bronte was feeling as though she desperately needed to be open and honest with her alliance, the Spy Girls, also consisting of Natalie and current HOH, Bridgette. Prior to her confession, Bronte could be seen on live feeds becoming extremely emotional about what she was about to reveal.

According to Big Brother Junkies, Bronte had tears in her eyes, which concerned both Natalie and Bridgette, as she told them the truth about herself. It appears the Spy Girl members didn’t realize Bronte had any sort of a higher education, but she set them straight by saying she does not work with children, but instead aspires to have a career with the National Security Agency (NSA).

Natalie and Bridgette were gleefully impressed when Bronte said she wants to work for the NSA to combat hackers. Big Brother Junkies reports that Bronte noted that she has the ability to do this because she is really a highly-educated math wizard, but needs money to continue her graduate studies. After Bronte’s big secret was out, Natalie confessed she wants to be an NFL cheerleader when Big Brother 18 is over. Of course the Spy Girls were equally, if not more impressed, by Natalie’s aspirations as well.

In more recent happenings, it appears that the winner of the Week 3 POV was injured during the competition. According to Joker’s Updates, Bronte was heard asking Frank if Bridgette was all right. About 30 minutes later, Bridgette was seen entering the Big Brother 18 house from the diary room on crutches.

Frank took it upon himself to carry her on his back up the stairs to the HOH room. Joker’s Updates reports that Bridgette was told to stay off her feet, as she has a swollen ankle.

Despite any injury, Bridgette still has a clear target in mind to send home in Week 3. According to Big Brother Updates’ Twitter feed, at about 7:25 p.m. Big Brother house time, Bridgette told both Natalie and Bronte that Tiffany is going home.

Furthermore, Bridgette asked Natalie if she is willing to be a pawn on the chopping block if she decides to save Bronte from eviction. In essence, Bridgette said that if the Spy Girls are sure they can secure the proper number of votes, “Tiffany is going home, it doesn’t matter,” a tweet by Big Brother Updates indicated.

It should be noted that Bronte was nominated for eviction by the Week 3 Big Brother Road Kill winner, Frank. Bridgette chose Paul and Tiffany for nomination as Week 3 HOH.

It is fairly certain that Bridgette will save her alliance member, Bronte, from the chopping block, but it truly depends upon whether Frank’s influence will pressure her to make a different move. From almost the beginning of the Big Brother 18 season, Frank has taken Bridgette under his wing, trying to gain a dedicated ally, possibly as Derek did with Victoria in Season 16.

However, it may be that Bridgette is just giving Frank lip service, as she told both Natalie and Bronte on Friday night that she may be distancing herself from Frank because he had been making waves in the house and definitely rubbing people – especially the women – the wrong way.

Nothing will be certain until the Big Brother 18 POV ceremony is held, which will probably take place on Sunday.

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