Dallas Police Shootings: Robot Used To Kill Dallas Gunman Micah Xavier Johnson, Who Was Micah Xavier Johnson?

Following the chaotic shooting deaths of five Dallas police officers, purported gunman Micah Xavier Johnson was killed by an explosive-carrying robot. After failed negotiation attempts with Johnson, a Dallas area bomb squad deployed their tactical robot to conclusively end Thursday evening’s standoff.

Officials at the scene claim Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, was armed with an SKS semi-automatic assault rifle and handgun while resisting police orders to surrender inside El Centro College in downtown Dallas. During his skirmish with police, Johnson stated he had no affiliations or ties to any political or extremism group. Johnson, who had no record of arrest, was reportedly a former U.S. Army Reserve veteran who served in the Afghanistan war.

While Micah Johnson vehemently claimed he acted alone in the shootings, it’s come to surface he held radical racial views, per Heavy reports. In response to Johnson’s violent actions, the Southern Poverty Law Center issued the following statement.

“We condemn the racially motivated killings of law enforcement officers in Dallas and mourn the loss of life. This was an act of domestic terrorism. Racial tensions are extremely high in this country — not just in the wake of the most recent highly visible killings of black men by law enforcement, but in the overheated rhetoric of our politics and hate deliberately stoked from all corners. Our communities need healing. Until a gunman motivated by hate fired a shot, the protest was a peaceful one in a city that serves as a model for law enforcement reform. We must not allow this act of violence to lead to more violence and more hate.”

The five officers slain by Micah Johnson were identified as Brent Thompson, Patrick Zammaripa, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, and Lorne Ahrens. Names of the officers and civilians wounded by Johnson include: Jorge Barrientos, Elmar Cannon, Misty McBride, Gretchen Rocha, Jesus Retana, and Shetamia Taylor.

The Dallas area is in shock and mourning concerning the loss of their five officers. Citizens and law-enforcement officials alike have banded together to condemn Thursday night’s harrowing act of violence.

Micah Johnson Dallas Police Shooting
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In the wake of Thursday night’s shootings, Dallas Police Chief David Brown publicly stated, “We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger.”

Indeed Dallas-area officers grew weary of exchanging gunfire with Johnson late Thursday night. When faced with several deadly threats by Johnson, officers opted to disengage the gunman via robot intervention. The choice to utilize lethal force via mechanical means is noted as an unprecedented tactical first for national law enforcement.

Police indicated Micah Johnson was killed when stricken by a robot-delivered C-4 blast. The use of police robot to neutralize and kill an attacker is the first know case in United States law enforcement history.

Micah Johnson Dallas Police Shootings
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The destructive aftermath of Thursday night’s events led Johnson’s sister to lament her grief and sorry via Facebook.

“Please out of respect for my family, if you following the news and know what’s going on, I’m not talking to anyone and please keep your comments and thoughts respectful. The news will say what they think, but those that knew him know this wasn’t like him… This is the biggest loss we’ve had.”

Micah Johnson’s sniper attack on the Dallas Police Department amid a peaceful protest is the deadliest attack upon police in United States history. The nation now reels in its aftermath while a set of questions regarding police and civilian interaction comes to the forefront.

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