Tom Hiddleston Faking Romance For Publicity As Taylor Swift Is A Lesbian?

Tom Hiddleston is staging a romance for publicity as Taylor Swift is a lesbian, says Vox. From the smooching scenes on the Rhode Island rocks all the way to the PDAs in Australia, the source claims that what looks like a fairy tale is nothing but a PR stunt.

To prove this claim, Vox cites the short-lived Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift romance where everything was as picture-book as Hiddleswift, only on a less grand scale.


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“And in fact, the courtship with Hiddleston is following an eerily familiar path to a Swift romance we’ve seen before. In 2010, she and Jake Gyllenhaal infamously skipped their way around Brooklyn on their way to meet his family for Thanksgiving, resulting in a series of pictures that looked less like a human couple than a casting call for a saccharine jewelry commercial.”

And if all this doesn’t sound familiar yet, the source asks, how about “Secret dates to private weekends with the parents — after just five weeks?”

Now here’s why the source assumes that Taylor Swift is a lesbian.

“Rumors have circulated around any number of her friends, but the most persistent one concerns Karlie Kloss,” Vox claims.

Karlie Kloss, according to the source, is a model and Taylor Swift’s longtime friend who was granted a specially designated room in the singer’s New York penthouse just nine months after they met. Vox also added that TayTay’s fans are actually aware of this relationship and have a special name for it: Kaylor.

Of all of Taylor’s friends, Vox also points out that it’s Ryan Reynolds who happens to be the most in the know of what’s really going on. The evidence for this, the source continues, is the Deadpool actor’s wry facial expression as if to say that he is sick and tired of all the excessive Swoki publicity swirling around.

Check the priceless expression on Ryan Reynold’s face, the source suggests. Indeed, there have been so many conspiracy theories being thrown at Swiddleton in order to cast doubt as to its authenticity. Still, only time will tell. In the meantime, there seems to be no end to the fairytale romance. A recent report from The Inquisitr has pointed out that Taylor Swift is so devoted to the relationship that she plans on staying in Australia as Tom Hiddleston works on the latest flick from The Avengers franchise, Thor: Ragnarok.

The rationale, according to the source is that Taylor does not want another case of long-distance love affair happening, one that imperiled the moribund Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift relationship.

In the meantime, Taylor and Tom are together in Australia. E! News’ last sighting of Hiddleswift was Tom jogging along the beach in Australia without Taylor. Instead, the Loki actor was with his trainer. Pictures taken show a determined Hiddleston trying to get into even better shape, apparently for a coveted Jame Bond role.

And in case you think that Tom isn’t as famous or as idolized as Taylor, here’s a story from the Daily Mail that will blow your existing paradigm away.

Starstruck 11-year-old Taylor Swift fan cries when meeting singer’s boyfriend Tom Hiddleston on the Gold Coast… after her parents spent $2000 so she could stay in same hotel as celebrity couple.”

Bella Terlich cries tears of joy after fulfilling her dream about meeting the Loki player.

Definitely, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are as famous as ever. If publicity is the goal, then there is no doubt that it is being achieved on both sides of the fence. However, just as many were caught flat-footed by the Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift debacle, you just never know. Besides, sometimes, truth can be stranger than fiction.

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