Victoria Song: K-Pop Idol Of f(x) To Make Her Acting Comeback In Period C-Drama ‘Ice Fantasy’

Victoria Song

For most who follow the Hallyu Wave, they may know Victoria Song (known simply as Victoria) as a member of popular K-pop idol girl group, f(x). Joining SM Entertainment as a trainee back in 2007, she later became a part of f(x), who would then become known for their experimental style, which often utilized an eclectic, electropop-based sound especially in “Electric Shock” and “Rum Pum Pum Pum.” Unfortunately for Victoria, along with the other members of f(x), they went on hiatus due to Sulli’s leave of absence, followed by her departure. Thankfully for Victoria, she had a growing acting career in China.

Starting back in 2012 when Victoria played lead character Shen Ya Yin in the C-drama, When Love Walked In, Victoria has since grown in her acting, taking on other lead roles including Du Chun Xiao in Cocoon Town Romance, and Jiang Mei Li in Beautiful Secret. Victoria even played the lead roles in two Chinese movies, My New Sassy Girl (sequel to My Sassy Girl), and My Best Friend’s Wedding (Chinese remake of 1997 American film).

Now, Victoria will play the female lead in period C-drama Ice Fantasy. The drama, which will air for more than a year if it follows airing practices of past C-dramas, will debut later on this month.

Ice Fantasy, Hunan TV
From details provided by Hunan Broadcasting System (Hunan TV) official social media accounts on both Weibo and Baidu for Ice Fantasy(also known as City of Fantasy and Huàn Chéng), the period C-drama is based on City of Fantasy by Guo Jing Ming. It is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of the Snow (Ice Tribe) and the Fire Tribe, in which the former defeated the latter. The Empire of Snow’s victory came with a huge price though as Prince Ka Suo and his younger half-brother Ying Kong Shi are the only royal heirs and pure-blood ice illusionists left in the Ice Tribe. Reluctantly, Ka Suo ascends the throne, but his brother and his lover, Li Luo, go missing.

Eventually, Ka Suo finds himself at war again against the Fire Tribe. Little does he know that the Fire Prince is actually Ying Kong Shi, who has lost his past memories. The two brothers are pitted against each other, this time in different tribes.

Ice Fantasy, Hunan TV
Victoria will play Li Luo, the girl of lowly civilian status who becomes a powerful sorceress and envoy for The Guards, and Ka Suo’s lover. As for the other roles, Feng Shao Feng will play Ka Suo, Ma Tianyu will play Ying Kong Shi, and Zhang Meng will play Yan Da. The extended cast is quite large given the fact the period C-drama will air for 62 episodes, which, in retrospect, is common when it comes to Asian period dramas.

Ice Fantasy will air on Sundays starting on July 24 on the Hunan TV. As mentioned earlier, the period C-drama will last up to 62 episodes, which is common with most period dramas in general.

For those who do not have access to Chinese television channels, it will be available other ways. Seven Chinese video-sharing websites will air it including Tencent, iQiyi, Youku, LeTV, Mango TV, Sohu, and PPTV. As for other regions, Ice Fantasy can be viewed for free, with ads, on both DramaFever and Viki pending region.

[Image via Hunan Broadcasting System (Hunan TV) Promotions for “Ice Fantasy”]