Jabari Parker Responds To Joe Walsh In The Wake Of The Dallas Police Shootings At A Black Lives Matter Protest: ‘You Won’t Touch Obama’

Former rep. Joe Walsh has been busy on social media in the wake of the Dallas police shootings. Most of what Walsh had to say was pretty inflammatory toward the president and the Black Lives Matter movement and Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker wasn’t having any of it. After Walsh issued what could be a threat to President Obama, Parker responded and tweeted back, “@WalshFreedom You ain’t landing a single finger on@BarackObama. No body is. Chicago and myself going to make sure of that.”

Parker was responding to a string of tweets sent by Joe Walsh after the Dallas police shootings where Walsh put the blame for the act of one lone shooter firmly on the shoulders of Obama. The most offensive of Walsh’s tweets, according to NBC Chicago, has now been deleted, but said, “3 Dallas Cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.”

Both Joe Walsh and Jabari Parker have tweeted more on the Dallas police shootings and their stance on Obama since their initial reactions in an effort to clear things up. Walsh has said that he wasn’t making threats against Obama, and he wasn’t, at least not directly. Likewise, Jabari made it known that he wasn’t violent and wouldn’t be coming after Joe Walsh, either.

For those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, some of Joe Walsh’s tweets will be hard to read. Others may be straight up offensive and show that he has completely missed the point of the BLM movement. More important is the fact that Walsh has completely ignored the actual fact that more black men per capita are being gunned down by police than any other reason. To make matters worse, even in the case where those men are found to not have any weapons on them and the threat that they supposedly posed can’t be proved, the officers in question are not being penalized in any way.


Jabari Parker went on to make another great point. The NBA star tweeted, “The irony of people who say ‘All lives matter’, while they refuse to help out the matter at hand or feel sympathetic. Confusing I know.”

So far, many have been supportive of Parker and his quickness to defend Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. Of course, Joe Walsh has his own band of supporters too but he has also taken a lot of flak for continuing to post anti-BLM sentiment as he completely ignores the fact that police brutality against black men in America is an epidemic.

It is something that cannot be ignored anymore or Americans will never end the violence because right now, we’re at a major tipping point. Americans can choose freedom and liberty for all or they can choose to continue this path of selective freedom where those who have been constantly oppressed have finally begun to speak out and fight back. That includes NBA star Jabari Parker, who wasn’t about to let Joe Walsh tell Barack Obama or the Black Lives Matter movement that “real Americans” were coming.

[Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images]