Jason Sudeikis To Stay On SNL Until At Least January, Says Lorne Michaels

Jason Sudeikis will be staying on Saturday Night Live for the time being.

Producer Lorne Michaels said that Sudeikis will stay on the show until at least January. Why? Well, because Lorne asked him to.

Lorne said:

“Right now the idea is that Jason will go through at least until January… He’s a fiercely loyal guy, both to the show and to me.”

Sudeikis currently plays Mitt Romney on the late night sketch show and with an election coming up SNL is bound to have plenty of skits featuring the GOP candidate. If Mitt Romney loses, his character will fall out of the spotlight, giving Sudeikis a perfect opportunity to exit the late night show. If Mitt wins, well, Sudeikis will have to decide if he wants to play Mitt for another four years.

And judging by previous interviews, playing Romney won’t be enough to keep the long time SNL member on the show.

Sudeikis said:

“I’d like the opportunity to use creative muscles that … haven’t been asked of me for the first nine years that I’ve worked there… It could be some sort of title change. The least of the concerns is anything financial … It’s more having a desire to give more to a place I really believe in. To stay just for the juice of being in the public eye – of being Mitt Romney – is not enough.”

Saturday Night Live returns this Saturday with host Seth McFarlane. Jason Sudeikis will be on hand during the season opener but his fellow cast mates Kristen Wiig, Abby Elliott, and Andy Samberg will not. SNL has added three more cast members this week. It’s unclear if they’ll appear during the season opener.

Are you happy that Sudeikis will be staying on SNL for the 2012 election?