‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Major Character Killed Off In Comic Book — This Could Change Everything

A lot of people who watch The Walking Dead on TV have not read any of the issues from the comic book. They may consider the graphic novel to contain “spoilers,” but technically, it was in place first. As it’s still being written, a new issue recently came out that detailed the death of a major character, and it could truly change the entire dynamic of everything, and that includes the villainous Negan.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the upcoming season and comic book of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

The Walking Dead comic book series still has a lot of issues remaining for the TV show to draw material from. With new issues still being written, the series is far from over, and technically, the TV series of The Walking Dead could go on for some 25 years with all they have at their disposal.

Issue No. 156 was just recently released, and the cover art gives a true sign of what may be to come between Negan and Alpha, but readers have no real idea.

There are spoilers ahead, so again, stop reading if you don’t want to know.

Negan has escaped from being imprisoned in Alexandria and has made his way into the den of the Whisperers. This very strange group walks around freely in the disguise of Walkers by putting rotting skin on their bodies and faces.

The Whisperers are not very close to any of the groups of survivors, and that is exactly up Negan’s alley.

As Negan tries to make himself one of the Whisperers and learn everything about them, he develops a relationship with their leader, Alpha. The two of them get into what almost appears to be a bit of a romantic relationship, and it seems like they may even have feelings for one another.

Alpha and the Whisperers first showed up around issue No. 132 of The Walking Dead.

Before getting to the shocking death in this issue of The Walking Dead, everyone needs to remember that Negan will not think twice about killing someone. Well, he won’t think twice about if they’ve done something morally wrong and reprehensible. As violent and destructive as he can be, Negan always thinks he’s doing it for the good of everyone else.

That leads to the moment that Negan sees two of the Whisperers planning to rape a member of their own group. He confronts Alpha about the situation, and things get heated very quickly as they reveal their different views on how the world now works.

As the International Business Times reports, that’s when Negan begins to see Alpha’s points on things and starts to understand how she sees things. They sort out their differences, and then without warning or hesitation, Negan takes out a knife and beheads Alpha, killing her instantly.

Even though Negan is evil and demonic at times, no one saw this death coming, especially since the two had been so lovingly playful with each other. While the TV version of The Walking Dead isn’t always the same as the comic book, this would make an excellent twist somewhere down the line and really have viewers talking.

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Those who read the comic book and watch the TV series will know to feel a slight bit sorry for the actress who ends up being cast as Alpha.

The Walking Dead comic book is indeed still being written and has so much more material for the TV show. Alpha’s death at the hands of Negan was extremely shocking, and no one truly saw it coming, but it has changed everything. Sure, he’s a bad guy and known to not care about anyone, but it sure seemed like he and Alpha had something special going on. It just goes to show you that in a world of zombies, you can’t trust anyone.

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