Disney World Weddings: Magic Kingdom Bookings Fill Up For A Fairy Tale Ceremony With Princess Dresses, Carriages And Cinderella’s Castle

Disney World has begun to conduct fairy tale weddings at its theme park in Florida. The extravagant and dream affair will be replete with princess dress, horse-drawn carriages and floral arrangements fit for royalty. The entire ceremony will even take place in front of the Cinderella’s castle. However, those looking to book a dream weeding at Disney’s theme park, will have to prepare themselves for a long wait.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida started permitting wedding ceremonies to take place inside the theme park about two months back and the response has been phenomenal, according to the management. Couples have a choice of getting married exactly like royals, with a larger than life castle as a backdrop. Disney World officially allowed weddings or ceremonies to take place early in the morning at the Park’s East Plaza Garden, USA Today had reported.

For a diehard Disney fan, even the famous characters can drop-by, for a fee. Disney currently charges a little more than a thousand dollars for each character that makes an appearance. You can also request for a specific costume that the character will wear for your big day. Unfortunately you get just 30 minutes with them.

According to Korri McFann, the East Plaza Garden will accord a fairy tale wedding experience, reported Disney Weddings.

“Brides will be able to live out a fairy tale dream like no other”

McFann is the marketing director for the division that helps couples plan their nuptials at the company’s properties. The division is called Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, and it has multiple plans that offer various royal extravagances depending on the number of guests and the level of intimacy required by the soon-to-be-newlyweds.

The dream wedding involves the bride riding up Main Street U.S.A. in Cinderella’s horse-drawn carriage accompanied by bewigged, royal coachmen. The eagerly awaiting groom will be brought in by a vintage jitney. A reasonably large band of trumpeters herald the arrival of the bride as guests assembled in front of the Cinderella’s castle stand in attendance. The bride walks up to the altar in a lush garden, where she is married to her prince charming. The walkway and chairs will be decorated with intricate floral arrangements.

Couples are offered multiple locations in the Disney’s recently expanded and upgraded new gardens on both sides of Disney World Florida. The company has decorated the areas with whimsical topiaries and fountains. Disney aficionados however, would recommend getting married on the European-inspired garden on ‘Tomorrowland’ side.

The East Plaza Garden will be available for 9:30 a.m. ceremonies, reported The Sun. Though it is a little early, wedding planners will have a freedom to accommodate a good-sized guest-list of up to 100 people, noted McFann.

Are people eager to get married in a faux castle in a theme park? According to McFann, people have been “clamoring to get closer to the iconic castle and hold their weddings in the theme park.” Inquiries for a royal wedding have been relentless for quite a while. Incidentally, Disney has made such fairy tale weddings possible for a select group of individuals in the past, making it a very coveted event.

These eager couples were willing to get married at the Magic Kingdom, even if the only spot allowed until recently, was the train station. Moreover, couples who wanted a wedding at a Disney World theme park, had to get up really early since the weddings were permitted in the early morning hours before the park opened. Incidentally, the current venues will hold weddings even while the park is operational.

Now the couples can get married in the shadows of the castle’s spires. Incidentally, while the East Plaza Garden will be the only venue permitted for wedding ceremonies, the newlyweds can throw grand receptions in style at a variety of locations throughout the vast resort.

Getting married in a fairy tale wedding certainly isn’t cheap. Disney’s ‘Fairy Tale Weddings’ package collections start at $2,500. The entry level package will allow only four guests. In case your wedding party is large, Disney offers multiple packages, all the way up to a 100 guests. If you must have the complete experience, Disney’s top tier fairy tale will cost quite a pretty penny. While custom experiences at premiere locations such as the Magic Kingdom begin at $12,000, a completely customized ceremony and reception for 100 guests start at $75,000, reported Cosmopolitan.

Despite the hefty price-tag, couples have already booked the venue through the next two years. However, those hopeful of getting married in front of a castle in Disney World can certainly hope for some magic.

[Photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno/Getty Images]