Kate Middleton’s Senior Advisor Quits Due To Love Triangle At Kensington Palace

A bit of an awkward situation among staff members and assistants to the young royals at Kensington Palace has arisen, all due to a love triangle that has now been made public. The tension due to the flurry of emotions has led to Kate Middleton’s most senior aide quitting his post at the palace. Palace officials announced yesterday that Nick Loughran, who was the media adviser to Kate and her husband, Prince William, as well as to Prince Harry, is parting ways for a different opportunity.

News of Loughran’s departure comes only months after the media adviser dumped Kate’s assistant, Rebecca Deacon, for the purpose of starting an affair with Prince Harry’s assistant, the blonde beauty, Clara Madden.

Kate Middleton’s aide Nick Loughran ‘seduces’ Prince Harry’s assistant Clara Madden https://t.co/g5bqqqn2HT pic.twitter.com/XVccV3hdAl

— MS Dhoni (@helicopterrshot) April 25, 2016

A representative at the palace spoke about the situation with the Daily Mail, noting that Nick leaving is truly for the best.

“This will be better for all concerned. Nick’s relationship with Clara has become increasingly serious and it will give him a fresh start away from the royal hothouse.”

Nick Loughran reportedly split up with Rebecca after two years of being together. He worked for Kate, William, and Harry for five years and spent three additional years as a representative for other royals. Nick is moving on to a new post as an associate director at Freuds, which is a PR firm that was founded by Matthew Freud.

Communications chief to royals Kate, William, and Harry, Jason Knauf, spoke highly of Loughran ahead of his departure from the palace.

“Nick has been an excellent, hard-working, and thoughtful member of the team. From jubilees, weddings, babies, polar explorations and tours to every corner of the planet, Nick has seen it all and contributed in every way possible.”

Although the love triangle seems to be a factor in Kate’s head aide’s departure, a pal of Nick claims that he had always intended to leave Kensington Palace and that his relationships had no role to play in his reasons for leaving.

As it stands, Clara and Nick are still an item and the relationship is reportedly becoming quite serious. In that case, as the palace rep shared, Loughran leaving is likely for the best of all involved.

Clara remains a hard-working assistant to Prince Harry. The 29-year-old accompanied the prince on a visit to King’s College Hospital in South London while Loughran’s former girlfriend, Rebecca, spent her time at Wimbledon, alongside Duchess Kate, as the Telegraph shares.


Reportedly Clara had also worked for Prince William and Kate. The royal couple even made the effort to meet the beauty’s parents when they visited New Zealand in 2014, seeing as Clara is a native to the country. It’s apparently really all in the family, seeing as Clara’s brother also has a role to play for the royals. Her brother Nicholas is a member of The Queen’s Six, which is a group of singers who perform for the royal family and reside at Windsor Castle. Clara’s mother shared, upon Will and Kate’s visit to see her in New Zealand, that William referred to Clara as “the star of the office.” Unfortunately for Rebecca, Nick Loughran thought so, too.

However, it’s clear that Rebecca’s post at the side of the Duchess of Cambridge is likely one of the most exciting roles in the palace. Kate Middleton is ever in the spotlight and seems so completely pulled together and poised that Rebecca must be one wonderful assistant to the beautiful royal and busy mother of two. There’s likely rarely a dull moment in the life of the assistant to one of the world’s most photographed and admired women.

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