Jael Of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Unrecognizable Due To Meth, Has Intervention On Dr. Phil

Jael, who starred a few years back on America’s Next Top Model, is back on TV, but, instead of doing a turn on the catwalk, the former modeling hopeful has fallen on hard times, and, unfortunately, an addiction to crystal meth has rendered the reality TV star unrecognizable.

Jael was a contestant a few seasons back and, during her run on the show, learned of a friend’s death due to a drug overdose.

It appears that, since that time, Jael has experienced some drug problems of her own, ones that have taken a tremendous toll on not only her looks but her personal life, her family, and her career.

Jael’s America’s Next Top Model stint was just five years ago, but now the reality TV model will be on TV again, this time appearing in an intervention on Dr. Phil.

Jael — whose full name is Jael Strauss — came in sixth place on the eighth cycle of the reality show, but her appearance was tinged with a bit of a strung-out pall, according to fans.

And the intervening years have not been kind to the model’s appearance, which is now shockingly impacted by the use of meth. Strauss’ skin exhibits the pockmarked characteristics of chronic meth use, and her nose seems permanently changed by her years ostensibly using the devastating drug.

jael strauss before and after meth

Now 28, Jael appears totally ravaged by the drug and winds up fleeing the intervention in shame, but Dr. Phil catches up to her in the studio’s parking lot.

The episode of Dr. Phil concerning Jael’s meth addiction airs tomorrow, September 13.

jael americas next top model meth