‘Return To Amish’ Spoilers: Which Couple Is Splitting?

It is almost time for the Return to Amish to come back, and sadly, one couple is splitting up during this season. Yahoo! shared the news about one couple that will be calling it quits and which couple that is. Mama Mary Schmucker and her husband, Chester, are going to be living apart. The thing is the Amish don’t believe in divorce so they will continue to be married. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out on the new season.

Mama Mary Schmucker is ready to move away from Punxsutawney and move to Lancaster. She doesn’t want to live there anymore, but Chester wants to stay there and continue to be Amish. This is going to make things really hard on them. Mary decided that it was time to sit down and talk with him, but things didn’t go as she planned, considering he didn’t want to make the move with her. She was hopeful that Chester would agree to go with her.

When Mama Mary Schmucker went to talk to Chester, he refused cameras in the house. Even though Chester has been on camera a few times, it is obvious he is not a fan. Mary explained to him that she just couldn’t stay there. She understood that Chester has his grandkids there and his job, so that is part of why he is staying. It also doesn’t sound like he wants to leave being Amish at all.

Mama Mary Schmucker said she is scared, and this will really affect their marriage, but she is going anyway. The fact that they won’t be getting a divorce means that Chester could decide at any time that he wants to move and be with her or Mama Mary Schmucker could decide to just go back home.

Things have changed for a lot of people on Return to Amish besides just Mama Mary Schmucker. Us Weekly Magazine shared that Kate Stoltz revealed that she doesn’t have anything to do with her friends from back home at all now. She doesn’t mind that she has left them behind, though. Kate explained it all in Season 1.

“I mean, the fact that I’m in college at all right now is incredible. When I was in ninth grade, I was taken out of school because the Amish don’t go to school past ninth grade. It’s always been my dream to come back to college and get an official education. It’s so important for me to build a strong career because I’m not going back to Pennsylvania, ever. I think the best thing I ever did was completely cut ties with all of my friends and everything back home, not because they weren’t good for me but because if I would have stayed in touch with them, I would still be hanging onto that life that I had, and it would keep me from pursuing what I want to do up here.”

Fans can’t wait to see Mama Mary Schmucker and everyone else back again on Return to Amish. This new season is one that you do not want to miss. It has been a while since they were on television and obviously a lot has happened during that time. Fans can’t wait to catch up.

Are you excited to see Return to Amish when it starts airing again on Sunday night on TLC? Are you shocked to hear that Mama Mary Schmucker and her husband, Chester, are over? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss Return to Amish on Sunday nights on TLC.

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